Software Testing Interview Questions – basic

Here is a list of commonly asked basic level Software Testing Interview Questions.You must prepare about different types of testing and about the commonly used Words in Software Testing before attending the Interview. What are the importance of Software Testing? What are the main tools you are used for Software Testing? What are the different […]

LoadRunner Interview Questions

Here is a list of commonly asked LoadRunner interview questions.Don’t forget to prepare the answers for these questions before attending your interview. What is the difference between “Load Testing” and “Performance testing” ? How long you are using LoadRunner and which version you experienced with ? Tell me about step by step processes of Load […]

WinRunner Interview Questions

WinRunner is one of the popular tool used in software testing. Here is a list of commonly asked Interview Questions about WinRunner. What is the use of WinRunner in your project? What are the main stages of testing processes using WinRunner? What is a GUI map and what are the contents of a GUI map? […]