Most important Cognos Interview Questions and Answers

Here is a list of 60 important and commonly asked interview questions for Cognos ( A reporting tool developed by IBM ). Download Complete Cognos Interview Questions PDF file. Cognos is one of the great tools to analyze the data from data warehouse. If you looking for the resources to learn online refer our Cognos Tutorials and PDF guides. Now let us look into those questions.

  1. Prepare for the first interview question anout the Cognos Tool. They will ask what is that tools or tell the tool in a few words like that
    2_What is Cognos Reporting tool
  2. What is called a Cognos Connection
    3_What is Cognos Connection
  3. What is called a report item in Cognos
    4_What is Report item
  4. What is called a filter. For which purpose you are going to use that
    5_Define filter
  5. What is meant by a query subject.
    6_What is query subject
  6. Tell me about different types of prompt
    7_What are the types of prompt in Cognos
  7. Have you header about Drill Through? What is that?
    8_What is Drill Through
  8. Name the Report Net components
    9_What are the components of Report Net
  9. Difference between Content store and content manager
    10_What is difference between content store and content manager
  10. What is Embedded filter and stand alone filter. What are the differences ?
    11_What is the difference between Stand–alone and Embedded filter
  11. Have you header about Cognos 8 BI
    12_Define Cognos 8 BI
  12. Tell me about folfer types in Cognos
    13_What are the different types of folders
  13. What is a standalone folder
    14_Explain standard folders
  14. What is a package folder
    15_Explain package folders
  15. What is a metrics folder
    16_Explain metrics folders
  16. What is macros and promot? what are the difference between them?
    17_What is the difference between macros and prompt
  17. What is called a transformer in Cognos?
    18_What is transformer
  18. Tell me about catalog and various types of catalogs
    19_What is catalog and types of catalogs in cagonos
  19. Expect a question about Cardinality
    20_What is Cardinality
  20. Question about Security Module
    21_What is the security module used in cognos
  21. Generating cubers procedure
    22_How to generate cubes in cognos
  22. Snapshot in Cognos
    23_What is snapshot
  23. Expect questions about Datastores
    24_Define datastores in Cognos
  24. Question about Metric store database
    25_What is metric store database
  25. 26_What is Report item
  26. Tell me about View and materialized view.
    27_What is difference between view and materialized view
  27. Question about Data Mart and Data warehouse ( One of the important question )
    28_What is difference between data mart and data warehouse
  28. DTM
    29_What is DTM
  29. Have you used repository manager in Cognos ? What are the uses ?
    30_What are the different uses of a repository manager
  30. Cascading Prompts
    31_What are cascading prompts