Datastage Interview questions with Answers

Datastage is an Extract, Transform and Load ( ETL ) tool from IBM and part of their IBM InfoSphere. Here I have collected more than 70 interview questions with their answers about Datastage. Download Complete IBM Datastage Interview questions PDF. All these questions are frequently asked ones and better prepare all these before attending your Datastage interview . You can also refer Datastage Tutorials and PDF training materials.

DataStage is “ETL tool, which extracts data, transforms it and applies business rules and then loads it to any target.” According to Wikipedia, “IBM InfoSphere DataStage is an ETL tool and part of the IBM Information Platforms Solutions suite and IBM InfoSphere. It uses a graphical notation to construct data integration solutions and is available in various versions such as the Server Edition, the Enterprise Edition, and the MVS Edition.”

  • Prepare for this first question very well. Introduction about IBM Datastage tool
    6_What is DataStage
  • There are mainly two tools used for the same purpose. Informatica and Datastage. Let us prepare the main difference bewteen these two ETL tools
    2_What is the difference between DataStage and Informatica
  • A sure questions ie about the main components of datastage
    3_What are the components of Ascential Data Stage
  • Question about System variables
    4_What are System variables
  • 5_What are the enhancements made in datastage 75 compare with 70
  • About Merage
    7_What is a merge
  • About Sequencers
    8_What are Sequencers
  • Introduction about version COntrol in Datastage
    9_What is version Control
  • Another important Datastahe interview question about Active Stage and Passive stage
    10_What is Active and Passive Stage
  • Question about Datastage features11_What are the main features of datastage
  • About Data aggregation
    12_Define data aggregation