Datastage Interview questions with Answers

  • Working of IPC stage
    13_How the IPC Stage work
  • About stage variables>br />
    14_What are stage variables
  • Container types in Datastage
    15_What are the types of Containers
  • 16_Where the DataStage stored his repository
  • What is called as staging variable
    17_What is Staging Variable
  • 18_How do you generate Sequence number in Datastage
  • 19_What is the difference between Server Job and Parallel Jobs
  • 20_What is the difference between Account and Directory options
  • 21_What are the types of jobs we have in Datastage
  • 22_What are Routines
  • 23_What are the Job parameters
  • 24_What is the difference between Hashfile and Sequential File
  • 25_What is the use of datastage designer
  • 26_Explain Datastage architecture
  • 27_How can we improve the performance in DataStage
  • 28_What is orabulk Stage