Datastage Interview questions with Answers

  • 29_What is APT_CONFIG in datastage
  • 30_What are orabulk and bcp stages
  • 31_Why fact table is in normal form
  • 32_What is Merge Stage
  • 33_How do you schedule or monitoring the job
  • 34_What is Container and then types
  • 35_What is the difference between the local container and shared container
  • 36_What all are the different way to run a job
  • 37_How and where you used HASH file
  • 38_What are the Repository Tables in DataStage
  • 39_How one source columns or rows to be loaded in to two different tables
  • 40_What are the types of views in Datastage Director
  • 41_What are Sequencers
  • 42_What can we do with DataStage Director
  • 43_Which algorithm you used for your hashfile
  • 44_What is a folder
  • 45_What are the difference types of stages