Ab Initio interview questions with answers

Here I have collected some commonly asked interview questions based on Ab Initio products. I have not added the answers here, that you can google the questions and can find out the answer. Make sure prepare the answers for each questions before attending your Ab Initio job interview. You can also download the Ab Initio interview questions PDF version.

You should expect some questions about Graphs like how to run, performance improvement etc ..

4_Explain the methods to improve performance of a graph
5_How to find the number of arguments defined in graph
6_How to run a graph infinitely
7_an exaple of realtime start script in the graph
8_How to Improve Performance of graphs in Ab initioGive some examples or tips
9_How many components in your most complicated graph
10_How to run the graph without GDE
11_How would you do performance tuning for already built graph

Be prepare about the databases, there will be sure questions from there like Joins, Primary & Foreign Keys etc .

12_What are the most commonly used components in a Abinition graph
13_What are Cartesian joins
14_What is semi-join

Be thorough with each components of Ab-initio

15_What are the continuous components in Abinitio
16_How to retrieve data from database to source in that case whice component is used for this
17_What is a Rollup component
18_What is MAX CORE of a component