General UNIX interview questions with Answers

UNIX is an another Operating System like Linux , Windows etc. Here I have collected UNIX interview questions with their answers for your reference. If you require download UNIX Faqs in PDF format.

  • Quick introduction about UNIX OS5_What is unix
  • Introduction about the term shell in UNIX2_What is a shell
  • Should be thorough about session3_Define session
  • Question about Signal in UNIX4_What do you mean by signal
  • Question about Message queue6_Define message queue
  • Directory and file naming in UNIX7_Define directory and filename
  • Definition of terms program and process8_Define program and process
  • Different file types in UNIX9_List down the different file types
  • 10_What are the options available to determine the group ID of the new file
  • About sticky bit in UNIX11_Define sticky bit
  • Question about page fault12_What is called a page fault
  • 13_What do you mean by u-area (user area)
  • Types of buffering in UNIX14_What are the different types of buffering is supported by UNIX