Most important Cognos Interview Questions and Answers

  1. 32_What is a folder
  2. 33_What are the filters in Framework Manager and Report Studio
  3. 34_Define models
  4. 35_Explain user roles
  5. 36_What is IQD
  6. 37_What is query items
  7. 38_What is main difference parameters and prompt
  8. 39_What are the types of security
  9. 40_What is catalog and types of catalogs in cognos
  10. 41_What is Cognos Impromptu
  11. 42_What is the use of cognos scenario
  12. 43_What are the differences between Reporter report and Explorer report
  13. 44_What is the difference between a cascading report and drillthrough report
  14. 45_How to create cubes in transformer
  15. 46_What are the advantages of cognos
  16. 47_Define OLAP Designer
  17. 48_What are shortcuts Where it can be used What are the advantages
  18. 49_What are the types of studio
  19. 50_Define Query studio
  20. 51_Define Metrics studio
  21. 52_Define Analysis studio