Important Data Structures Interview Questions with Answers

A data structure is the method of arrangement of data in the computer for ease of storage and retrieval. It provides an efficient way to manage a large amount of data.

Here is a list of important interview questions about Data structures ( with answers ).Download Complete PDF file.Data Structures are the main basics of computer programming like C++ . It is one the important theory part for programming related courses. And every programmer needs be very thorough about the data structures. In most of interviews related programming, they will ask questions regarding various data structures. Now let us look into the questions.

Data Structure interview questions and answer

In case you are planning to attend a data Structure interview, here are a few questions you might be asked, and their answers as well.

  1. What are some areas of application of data structure?


Some uses of a good data structure include:

  • In designing algorithms that are highly efficient.
  • For managing large internet indexing services and databases with huge information.
  1. What are the types of data structure?


The major types of data structure include the following:

  • An array: This is the number of identical elements arranged in a certain order.
  • A record: This contains some elements that are called fields.
  • A tagged union: This contains some extra files that indicate the type of the data structure. It is also called disjoint union, variant record, variant, or discriminated union.
  • A linked list: A linked list can simply be referred to as a list. Any type of data elements is linearly collected in a linked list. The data elements are called nodes and each node has a value pointing to the next node in the same linked list.
  • A class: A data structure with data fields such as a record is known as a class.
  • Stack: This works on the principle of first in, last out. This implies that the element that is stored in a stack last will be retrieved first, and vice versa.
  • Queue: A queue works directly opposite a stack. It works on first in, first out. The element that is inserted first will be removed first.
  • Linked list: Data are stored in a linked list linearly.
  • Trees: Non-linear data storage is used.
  1. What are linear and non-linear data structures?


A linear data structure involves the arrangement of values in a linearly. Some typical examples of a linear data structure are lists, queues, stacks, and arrays.

In a non-linear data structure, the elements are not stored in a sequence. Graphs and tree are some examples of a non-linear data structure.

  1. What factors determine the choice of data structure for a program?


If you are a programmer and want to choose a data structure for your program, consider these factors:

  • The size of the data.
  • The size of the storage.
  • The data dynamics, such as changing or editing the data.
  • The speed of data use
  1. What is the difference between a data type and data structure?


In computing, a data type is a group of data values with characteristics that are already defined. Some data types are floats, characters, integer, and string. These are called primitive data types. A data structure, on the other hand, is a grouping of data for easy organization and accessibility. Tables, Array stacks, structs, queues, classes, files, and lists are some data structure.

  1. What are data structure operations?


There are four operations that can be performed on a data structure. They are:

  • Traversing
  • Insertion
  • Searching
  • Deletion

Each of these operations can be performed with ease if you have a good knowledge of data structures.

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