Most expected HR round interview questions with answers

Landing a job happens as a result of successfully passing through a screening interview process. As a result, a bad or good interview with Human Resources professionals will determine how well an interviewee fares and their chances of getting the job. The following are what to expect and how to prepare for an HR round interview. Also refer its PDF version

HR interview questions with answers

Question: Tell us something about yourself

Answer: this is usually the first question you hear during a job interview. It is used to start the interview and establish communication between the Interviewer and the interviewee. Get this question answered by supplying information about your person, educational qualifications, work experience, dreams which is related to your career and subtly include your likes and dislikes. If you are a fresh graduate, in place of work experience, tell them the kind of job you intend to do and why. Stop at the right spot so that it will call the next question of your choice, an example is “I got a good grade while also doing a part-time job which was tedious”.

Question: Why the interest in this role or position?

Answer: This question is very regular and important to Human Resources professionals so take it as your opportunity to sell yourself by to explain your strengths as well as harp your usable skill set and drive for the organisation and the role. Tell of how your experiences in the past suit the requirements for the role using reference points from the job description to drive down your point. Also reiterate how you want the company to grow while you build a stronger career.If you link your skills to the role this way, the Human Resources professional will begin to imagine you in the role.

Question: Why do you want to leave your present job?

Answer: HR professionals ask this question in order to determine if you want to quit your current job due to a bad attitude you put up. They want to know if you are quitting on good or bad terms. Are you trying to run away from your present job or build your career within a new job? These are the kind of questions the HR professional is pondering in his mind.

Advice:  Use this chance to speak wellabout your current employer and informing them that you see this position as the next rung in the ladder of your career. Ensure you don’t speak ill of your current boss and company. By constructing your answers positively, you make the job interviewerfocus on your possible contributions to the company.

Question: What is it you can do that nobody can?

Answer:Being a bit egoistical here is allowed because the HR interviewer wants to know what gives you a competitive edge for the job. Tell them of skills and competencies, how you got jobs done to time, career accomplishments drive or record of thoroughness when carrying out responsibilities.You should sum up by saying that all your skills, experience, records  and undying quest for improvement equips you to do the job more than anyone else.

Question: What are the most and least attractive things to the Position?

Answer:You are free to mention about five things that attracts you to the position and one insignificant unattractive thing. You could mention as attractive, opportunity to work with a new team, chance to improve the company etc.

Question: Do you know anything about our organisation?

Answer:You are expected to know some things about the company you intend to work with and Job interviewer use it to test your preparedness to change a work environment and climate. Carrying out a study on a company prior to a job interview is very crucial. You ought to have some facts about the company such as the makeup and history of the organisation, the key players, recent achievements and position in the industry and any other vital information.

Question: If you are picked, what will be your plan for the next two months?

Answer:If I am picked for this position, I will use my first two months to understand my role carefully as it concerns my input to the business as well as increasing the general profitability. I will meet with my superior and other juniors in order to properly grasp what has been done and its impact. I will build on the information and formulate my work plan for growth in conjunction with managers and see out its proper implementation.

How would you improve upon our product/ company?

Answer: You can start by stating that you would come here with a different perspective to the company, environment, product, strategy, and so on because you are coming from an entirely different environment.  This will help you to objectively probe things that any other person here may not do. This approach will go a long way in improving the processes thereby making the company and its product better.

What is your expected salary?

Answer:Everyone wants to be paid well but don’t rush to mentioning how much you want to be paid start by explaining what you will be paid for. Tell them that you believe that a befitting remuneration for a position acknowledges the ability, repays the performance and gives the employee a chance to indulge in his passions and hobbies. Tell them you believe their organisation can take care of that. When you want to mention the actual amount of money to be paid consider your qualifications, experience and competitiveness. When you state the amount of money, give a range and not a particular amount for instance “I would like to be paid within the range of sixty and seventy thousand”.

Question:Any questions for us?

Answer:you are likely to hear this question as the last when u go for interview as they would want to evaluate how curious you are or where your interests lie. The question should be tactical,smart and career-related. You can ask some questions from your observations while researching about the company or ask if certain things such as training which can improve your career would be allowed.