6 basic marketing interview questions with answers and PDF download

When preparing for marketing job interview, be ready to hear questions that will test how smart and convincing you are and your ability to communicate clearly and persuasively.

Ensure you prepare well to pass your interview convincingly because the interviewer wants to know if you have core features of strategic planning, creativity, ambition and patience to carry out this crucial work for the company.

Endeavor to impress your interviewers with well-founded effective ideas, as this can go a long way in influencing the company to hire you so that they can take advantage of them.

Endeavor to practice the marketing interview questions and answers suggested here and other regular Job Interview questions and be well acquainted with the kind of questions to expect in a marketing job interview.

The company wants to be sure they are hiring a very creative and ambitious market personnel who will give their product and company a good perception out there. This informs why the interviewer would not only be impressed with your qualifications but interested in real life challenges especially marketing-related problems. Work on your resume and also be convincing enough for the interviewer to see.

marketing job interview questions and answers

The following are samples of questions and suggested answers during a marketing job Interview. Also refer marketing interview questions and answers PDF version

Question: Highlight the kind of Marketing Campaigns you ran in the past.

Answer: The interviewer wants to know the type of job you have done, as you attempt to answer questions regarding your accomplishments with your previous companies give specifics. For instance if you say “I ran many marketing campaigns on the internet”, this does not fittingly tell what you are capable of doing for the company.  A better answer should be, “I initiated acampaign on social media that made use of targeted advertising processes to market the Firm’s services to North America youth.” Detailing is also key here as the interviewer wants to hear verifiable facts. Use figures that corroborate the campaign, like “Within 3 financial quarters, product sales went up by 427% while brand recognition was largely enhanced by 10% in the selected demographic area.”

Question: If you have budgetary constraints, can you work effectively?

Answer: When the asked about the future during Interview questions, try to refer the interviewer to what you achieved in the past. The point is,if asked about how you would handle possible scenarios in future, refer to your accomplishments in the past.  You should focus your answers on successful campaigns by stating something like, “While I worked with company ABC, I started inexpensive lead generation tactics and many self replicating marketing campaigns, with a nearly non-existent budget to raise revenue by 200%.”

Question: What difference will bring to the company?

Answer: When you hear this question which is commonly asked during marketing job interviews, it implies the interviewer wants to know what special marketing results you would bring when employed.

Hence, use it as an opportunity to sell some of your marketing strategies which you intend to apply after carefully studying the company and discovered the areas they need improvement in their marketing department.

Start by stating your experience and qualification, remember to include statements like, “researching your company, I noticed that while your online marketing face was good, there are many areas that could be improved upon, these include…” and add your ideas. However, don’t use this answer if you are being interviewed by the head of marketing department, since you might be denting their principles.

Question: Can you cite an instance of a Marketing Strategy/Tactic that failed?

Tips: Expect such a question because interviewers would want to know if you have ever failed and how you handled, whether you turned it to your favour or let it damage the company. When attempting this question endeavour to note the following:

  1. Admit the tactic that failed and don’t get defensive, it’s a sign that you are human and know when things go wrong.

  2. Describe how you discovered it failed with the use of usinganalytical and numericalmeasurements as instances.

  3. Discuss the modifications that you formulatedso as to makea more successful campaign.

  4. Mention the lessons you learned from it.

Question: Describe a scenario where you made a successful sale or persuasion.

Answer: Refer to a situation when you successfully persuaded someone or group of people to use or bur something. Explain in details how you were able to win the people or person on your side with the appropriate use of pictures and certain words persuasively. If you used very attractive decorations for an event,explain how everyone got attracted to the room design. Ability to use the power of persuasion adequately to win people over to your side is what Marketing entails.When being interviewed for marketing interview questions be confident and convincing with your words to the interviewer so that he will see that you will be able to convince customers.

Question: Describe the Benefits of One of Our Products to a Customer.

Answer: You are most likely to hear this question in marketing job interview and it is for a purpose. The interviewer wants to see for himself what you have been trying to convince him about how good you would be as marketer. He wants to see and hear you focus on one of their products and persuasively describe its benefits to a prospective customer. Act like you are on the sales floor as the marketing personnel pointing at the product before the prospective customer. Elaborate its wide range of uses as well as what and how the customer would benefit from the product.

Discuss how reasonable paying at its price is and the payment methods the company offers including availability of online payment and cash on delivery. For every sale, attend to the customer’s peculiar needs. Put a question across to the customer and find out the most appropriate choice and why. Make him or her feel you are there to make him or her satisfied with their purchase which is why the company researched and made product. Be descriptive enough to tell him that the company’s products were customer-customized.