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What is Node. JS

Node.JS specially built to work on Google chrome browser only. It is a rather powerful JAVA script platform that runs only on chrome. It is used to develop an indebt web application like video streaming sites, single page application and other web applications. This tutorial software is completely free and can be used by thousands of people or developers around the world. Node.js is a run time system for creating server side applications. This software is developed specially for software programmers to learn the basics of Node.js and to make them do it in a simple and realistic way. It is designed in such a way that a good and clear understanding will be attained.


Why Node.js is being used?

  • JAVASCRIPT is already known to all. By working on the Java, you get to gain knowledge both mentally and practically. Javascript is in line with any computers and as a language it is eating the world.
  • Very fast. This software of jAVA is mostly designed to be used for Google V8 engined developed to be used for Google chrome. The real magic behind Node.js is the event loop. For developers, to get a faster progress, Javasript on the basis of Node.js is the best which is specially used only in chrome and no other browser.
  • Tooling: Npm is the Node.js package manager and it is excellent. It does, of course, is parallel package managers from other ecosystems, but npm is faster, booming, and logical. It does a great job at defining and fix the project dependencies. It keeps packages alone from other projects, avoiding version strife.
  • Streaming Data: This software is good in getting high range of data without any discrepancies.

Disadvantages of Node.JS:

  • Single Threaded: here one need not care about the synchronization between threads which means that in cases of any problems, the programmers themselves has to solve those problems.
  • Lack of Maturity: Most of the core libraries have reached the status of stable, and you can trust them to usually do the right thing. But the ecosystem itself is still fairly immature. It’s also not that easy to assess the trait of a particular module (core or otherwise) because of the lack of features for ensuring the quality of code from JavaScript itself.
  • Hard to make things fault oriented: In JAVA script there are no mechanisms to resolve the errors. For any software particular mechanisms are not found to solve all the problems to make no errors in the coming future.

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