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What is TESTNG

This is a testing plan formed in the lines of J unit and N unit where it helps in forming new technology to make it powerful and easier to use. This tutorial helps in better understanding of the framework needed to test the enterprise to deliver best and reliable application result. TestNG is developed to those persons interested in learning the features of TestNG to make it simple and learn with steps where they can understand better and later implement it as a practice.  TestNG is designed to cover all categories of tests: unit, functional, end-to-end, integration, etc. we can take full advantage of TestNG from engineering to quality insurance.


Some of the features of TESTNG:

  • Glossary
  • Test that your code is very much safe
  • Dependant methods for application server testing.
  • Easy to migrate to Junit.
  • Powerful execution model.

Advantages of TestNG:

  • Annotations are easy to understand in Junit.
  • No need for extension of class
  • Parallel execution of Selenium test cases is possible in TestNG.
  • TestNG supports following three 3 additional setUp/tearDown level: @Before/AfterSuite, @Before/AfterTest and @Before/AfterGroup.
  • Information shown visually will be easy for the human mind to understand better where for example, explaining in the form of chart will help people to learn and understand faster. This is so to get what it wanted to be achieved- the final outcome.
  • Make sure you do the coding correctly as repetitive work will be boring and there are chances for mistakes to happen.


  • Unrealistic expectations: one have to be peculiar in what tool to use for certain software. They should have the basic idea about it. In any software when not used properly technical problems may arise and it is very important that one should have the basic knowledge and idea of the tool that they are using for getting better results.
  • Underestimation of time, cost and effort: software’s are being used by many companies by a large number of persons in it. Only when used carefully can no technical problems rise. So everyone have to handle in such a way that the tool achieves great results.
  • Mostly people underestimate the effort required
  • People depend on the tool a lot. Tool is just a software and can do only what is assigned to it. It cannot do everything. The tool can only help you but it is not a human brain to give you all the solutions. A test that takes a very long time to automate and will not be run very often is better done manually.

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