How to start successful income generating blog site

If you are planning to start a blogging website and generate additional income from it, these step by step instructions will be helpful for you. First believe me its absolutely easy for everyone to start their own blog. There is no technical, programming and previous experience needed to start a blog. Moreover it’s a true fact that you can make a lot of income from a pretty decent traffic website.

start income generating blogging website

Here I am going to tell about starting a successful blogging site. There are no such things like free lunch, you need to work hard, spend 1-2 hours daily for your site and of course need patience. When your blog start getting more visitors that time you can say your blog site has successful. Normally it will take several months from the starting stage. It’s all depends on your dedications to your blog. Simply start a blog and leave it won’t help, you need to add more contents regularly.

5 basic things to think about before starting a blog

  1. What can I do?
  2. What topics I can write about.
  3. Is it useful for others?
  4. Are people searching for that in internet?
  5. Do I need to start blog as free or spend a little money for that?

After this step, you should get a topic or mixed topics that you are going to write about in your blog. It’s the prime thing before starting a successful income generating blog.

Blogging platform, hosting and setup

If you decide to start a free blog, then the best choice is to go with It’s a Google product that anyone can start their own blog immediately (within 1 minute). If you decide to take it as bit more serious and invest a small amount, then the best choice is using wordpress blogging platform. It is simply the best. Here are the steps involved there.

  1. First register a domain name. You should think carefully to get a good domain name that matching with your blog contents. Don’t make it more lengthy and complicated. Simple and easy to remember names will be the best.
  2. Find a website hosting company to store your website. There are several hosting companies you can check with like Hostgator, bluehosting, Godaddy etc. Initially you need to take a simple hosting account as per your budget. Later as per the traffic and site growth you can change or switch the hosting packages.
  3. It’s the time for installing wordpress. It is absolutely free. Most hosting companies have a facility for wordpress installation from the control panel. Otherwise you can install wordpress manually.
  4. Setup wordpress properly with blog site address, title, permalinks and theme. Thousands of free wordpress themes available as free. You can search for it and find a theme that matches for your topic, interest. Don’t forget to select a fast loading and reputed theme.
  5. Now your blogging website is ready. You can start the postings in your site. Arrange the posts using categories and tags if it required, that will make easy navigation for your website users.

Always do the below 10 things after setting up your blogging site

  1. Create a facebook page for the website
  2. Create Google plus page for the website
  3. Create twitter page for the website
  4. Write lengthy and quality contents.
  5. Proper title with keywords ( the words which people using for searching the content )
  6. Add appropriate images, videos with your contents if you can.
  7. After publishing your post, share it in your facebook, google plus, twitter pages.
  8. Add social buttons like facebook like, Google Plus with your posts ( you can use wordpress plugins for that )
  9. Create an account in Google Webmasters Tools and add your website and sitemap there. ( It will help the faster indexing in Google )
  10. Create an account in Google Analytics and get the tracking code. Paste the code in your website footer.php file. It will show the analytics (traffic details) of your website.

Now you have started your blog and start regular postings there. But for making it successful and start income generation, you need to follow the steps involved in following articles.

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