V-Model Software Development and Testing tutorial and PDF

V-Model Software Development is the the software development process which is an extension of the water fall model is called VModel Software Development. In this process instead of moving in a linear way, the process is bent upwards making it in the form of v shape after the coding is done. This v shape itself represents the relationship between each development life cycle that are associated with the phase of testing. Each phase has to be completed before the beginning of the next one. Testing of a product is planned in a parallel basis with the corresponding phase of development.


  • Low Level Design:Here the actual software components are being designed. Flow chart diagrams, its methods and their relations all comes under this Low Level Design section. Components tests are designed in this phase as well.
  • Implementation Phase: Here most of the coding takes place. Once the coding is done, the process again movies up right to the side of V where the test plans developments are put into use now.
  • Coding: This is usually at the bottom of the V shaped development process. This model design is converted into codes by the users itself. The full coding is done as the final step of the v shape model which is the result factor of this development.


Advantages of V Shaped model development:

  • The usage is simple and easy.
  • Less time consuming. Most of the activities like planning, test designing etc happens well before the coding takes place.
  • More tracking of defects. The major defects are found at the early stage.
  • Avoids downward flow of defects.
  • Small type projects are mostly worked well as it is easy to understand more.
  • This model has gained acceptance because of its simplicity and straight forwardness.

Disadvantages of V Shaped Model Development:

  • Very rigid and least flexible
  • Softwares developed during implementation phases and no prototypes are developed or produced for this softwares.
  • If anything happens or stops in between then the whole document both testing and requirement are to be updated all over again.
  • This is also risky and lot of time is taken.
  • Since no prototypes are produced then there are less chance in meeting the customer expectation.

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