5 Penetration Testing Tools that can employ for your testing

Penetration testers sure need special testing tools to be able to do their jobs successfully. Of what use is it trying to do the job of a machine manually? Any attempt to do penetration testing manually leads to excessive time consumption and fatigue. This can on its own produce human errors.

There are several professional tools readily available for penetration testers to make use of in order to make their jobs faster, efficient and more accurate. Below is a list of five penetration testing tools that you can employ for your testing anytime you wish to.




Metasploit is the most popular and advanced framework for penetration testing. It is built on the ‘exploit’ concept, a code for surpassing security arrangement and gaining entry into certain systems. When it successfully enters the system, it executes a ‘payload’, a code which carries out operations on a machine it targets, thereby helping to generate the framework that is ideal for pen testing.

Metasploit can be used on networks, web applications, servers, and others. It also works on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OS X. It comes with a line of command and a GUI interface that is clickable. The product is produced for commercial use.



This is an Audit Framework and Web Application Attack. It has a line of command and works on Apple Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux. Its outstanding features include: it injects payloads into different types of HTTP requests, it integrates web and proxy servers into the code, and its HTTP requests are quite fast. You can download all versions of W3af for free.



Netsparker has a strong web application scanner that is able to discover vulnerabilities, suggest actions that would help fix them, and lots more. With this tool, you can exploit SQL injection and Local File Induction (LFI).

Netsparker has a line of command and GUI interface. It only works on Microsoft Windows. As a commercial product, you need to pay for it before gaining unrestricted access for its use. You can get a trial version on their official website.


Back Track

Back track is one of the best tools that can be used for Injecting and Packet Sniffing. In order to be able to use this tool effortlessly, you need to be an expert in TCP/IP protocol and networking. It has a new version known as Kali Linux, and it works on Linux machines only. There are free versions that you can easily use without cost.



Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer that has gained fame because of its ability to offer the smallest details regarding your packet information, network protocols, decryption, and the rest. With the help of a GUI or TTY-mode TShark utility, you can easily view the information retrieved through this tool.


The above-listed penetration testing tools are among the best you can find anywhere. They are quite trusted and are able to deliver quality, tangible results that would not be contested by any standard. So, you can try them to see how they really work.