How to make money from YouTube & videos -step by step procedure

YouTube is the second largest search engine in terms of traffic, just behind the search engine Google. It is the most popular video sharing portal now. Here I am going to tell about “how to make money from YouTube”.

  • First you need to create an account in YouTube using your Gmail account.
  • You can create any number of channels under your single account
  • Put a nice & appropriate name for your YouTube channel.

Then its the time for thinking about your first video. It should be yours. Don’t copy from others and never use any copyrighted materials like songs, background music & video portions from others. Video can be any type like a tip, tutorial , your pet video etc. Even you can shoot your singing and can upload. Or prepare something in power-point and convert into video using any converter software.

Once you uploaded your video, wait for some days. If any copyright issue with your video, you will get notification from YouTube. If everything is OK, its the time for associate your YouTube account with your adsense account. If you don’t have any adsense account, you can create new one from YouTube itself.

Steps for linking ( creating ) adsense account with YouTube for making money from your YouTube channel

  • Step 1 : Click on “Channel Settings” menu on YouTube  left side bar. There you can see an “Enable” button for Monetisation .  Click on that
  • Step 2:  View Monetisation setting. After pressing the enable button, your screen will look like as following picture. Click on the setting link as mentioned in the picture
  • Step 3 :  Associate Adsense account. This is the step where most of the people unaware or missing. Without this step you wont get money .Click on the “associate an adsense account” under “How I will I get paid” topic. See the picture.
    When you click on the link, your screen will be like as following picture. Click on next button.


  • Step 5 : Select the email addressClick on button button with “yes” , if
    • your current email address has an adsense account  or
    • You don’t have an adsense account and planning to take under this email account

    Otherwise click on the second button “use a different or new google account”


  • Step 6 : Associate an adsense account or create new one. If you have any adsense account, you can click on the first button. Then it will prompt you to login in that account. After that , your YouTube account will be monetized under that adsense account.If you want to create anew adsense account under a new google account, just click on the second button saying “No, create a new Google account”.
  • Step 6 : Fill the data. Now you need to just fill the data with correct

If you don’t have any adsense account

  • You can apply for adsense account under your current email address in Step 5.  Click on the first button saying “yes with your email “
  • Or you can create a new adsense account under a new email address in step 6. By clicking second button for creating new Google account”
  • wait for few days for an approval message from Google

If you have an adsense account

  • If you adsense account and current youtube account using the same email address.  Click on the first button in step 5.
  • If your adsense account using another email address, click on the first button in step 6.
  • Your adsense account is instantly associated with your YouTube account.

Other things to note :

  • From the “Video manager” page, you can enable or disable monetisation for each videos
  • From the analytic section you can watch earning & traffic data for each videos and entire YouTube channel.
  • Never publish any copyrighted material from others.
  • Always put a proper title , description and tags for your videos to get more traffic.
  • Your earning will depends on the viewership of your videos.
  • Your earning will be added to your adsense account.
  • Money will be sent to your address every month as Cheque mode.
  • In some countries direct transfer to your bank account is enabled.

I hope after reading this tips & steps , it will be clear for you to “How to monetise a YouTube account”.  If you still confused and have doubts, please write as comments here.