How to convert and use existing inverter system to solar inverter system

Using solar power systems, you can cut down your electricity bills and can be a part of energy production for your country. If you have an existing inverter system installed in your home, you don’t need to purchase a new solar inverter. Instead of that you can convert and use your existing inverter and battery as part of solar power system.

Here are the main components required for a solar system for homes

  • Solar panels
  • Charge controller
  • Inverter
  • Battery

Sample Connection diagram as following picture


Solar panels are fixing on a mounting structure on rooftop of house where getting enough sunlight exposure. Then using MC4 connectors and DC cables, panels are wired directly to charge controller. Charge controllers are available in various types like MPPT and PWM. Select MPPT charge controllers for higher output and efficiency. Hybrid charge controllers can charge the battery using both solar and main power. Solar charging will be prioritized that if there is no adequate solar power then only it will charge the battery using main power. Your existing inverter and battery will be connected to charge controller. You can easily understand that charge controller is the main part to convert your existing inverter to a new solar power system.

Solar panel sizing can be determined by the power usage. Here I am giving a sample and simple solar power system design for a normal home usage to power up 2-3 fans and 4-5 lights and 1 LED TV.

  • Solar panel: 250W – 1no
  • Charge controller: 12V, 20Amps, MPPT
  • Inverter: 600 – 900 VA
  • Battery:150AH Tubular, C10

The above mentioned solar system is capable for producing daily 1 – 1.5 units of electricity. If you don’t have any existing inverter, you can purchase a solar hybrid inverter which contains the functionality of a charge controller + inverter.