Test Cases and Template Introduction with Example

In Software Development , we need to check each functionality or events in the developing product to make sure it fulfills the actual requirements.

Test Cases are the set of conditions or variables for checking this. For each scenarios there will be test cases, and these set of conditions are planned by the tester. See the test case & templates sample pdf files

For example ,in our apllication to test, there is an option to enter 2 numbers and a button to show the sum of those two numbers . So what are the things we need to check? When pressing the button, if the numbers are not entered then a warning message should show. Second our program needs to check entered numbers are valid numbers or not. Then the result will show.

A test case contains different fields ( data )for storing the test cases report for a clear reference . The structure of this test case is known as template. This template is also known as a test case template. It may vary as per companies and tools. Here is a sample test case template with data for the above mentioned testing.

From this simple test case template , I hope you understand very well about “what is a Test case template” and “what are the test cases” contained in that. This template and cases will be different a sper our product functionality and other things. The test cases can be stored simply in a excel sheet or database.See the additional informations that can be contained in a test case are.
Software Test cases and templates
Most of the companies  have their own test case templates according to the tools used. Its a must to keep their CMMi level standard. Template can contain other additional datas like remarks/ suggestions, browser user for testing etc.

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