Important Oracle Interview Questions with Answers

  • 44_What is difference between UNIQUE constraint and PRIMARY KEY constraint
  • 45_What is BCP When does it used
  • 46_How to know which index a table is using
  • 47_What is SYSTEM tablespace and when is it created
  • 48_Which date function returns number value Which date function returns number value
  • 49_what is integrity constrains
  • 50_What is the difference between Explicit and Implicit Cursors
  • 51_what are primary keys
  • 52_What are the components of physical database structure of Oracle database
  • 53_What is DECODE function used for
  • 54_What is the default return value of a function
  • 55_What is the difference between oraclesql and sql server
  • 56_How you will avoid your query from using indexes
  • 57_What is a cluster key
  • 58_What is SGA
  • 59_What is a data segment
  • 60_What is ROWID
  • 61_What is the usage of SAVEPOINTS