Frameworks for Mobile Testing in iOS & Android – An overview

Mobile testing requires frameworks on which to successfully do your job and get accurate results. There are frameworks that you can specifically and seamlessly use for your testing projects because they have been tested and proven to work perfectly well. In this post, we shall quickly take a look at some of those frameworks.

What is a testing framework?


A testing framework otherwise known as testing automation framework is an execution environment where automated tests are carried out. It is the general system which helps n automating the tests.

A testing framework is the set of assumptions, concepts and practices that form a work platform or automated testing support.

Majorly, the works of the testing framework include:

Framework Architecture

To carry out mobile testing automation, a good mobile automation testing framework is required. Test cases can be built on top of the framework. Separation of mobile automation testing frameworks is done based on the mobile device’s operating system. We are going to be taking a look at two main types of mobile testing frameworks – iOS testing frameworks and Android testing frameworks.

Popular iOS Testing Frameworks

Different iOS testing frameworks are readily accessible in the market. But, we will discuss briefly some of them that are quite popular.

Popular Android Testing Frameworks

Apart from the availability of iOS testing frameworks, there are Android testing frameworks that you can use for your Android devices. We will also examine the 5 popular ones below.


If you are looking for trusted open-source testing frameworks for your mobile testing, any of the tools we mentioned above can do a nice job for you. Make use of them and expect to get perfect results.

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