Agile Software Testing methodology , Principles and PDF Tutorial

Agile typically refers to a professional tester who embraces changes, collaborates well with the business technical team and understands the concept of software document requirement and to derive them. They are willing to learn about the customer so that they can know what they can do according to the customer needs as per the software requirements.Here it contains Agile testing principles,Methodologies, Advantages , Disadvantages and pdf tutorials for your reference.

agile testing methodology principles tutorial




  1. Provides continuous feedback. This is needed as he is the person leading the team and to improve their ability and to motivate them , feedback is necessary where they will know their feedback and can work on it.
  2. Deliver value to customer. Acceptance of tests helps all understanding of what it means on the realization of customer needs.
  3. Enable face to face communication. Here testers play a major role in bringing the customer and tester together on a face to face communication where by then the problem can be solved regarding the bug and softwares. A tester can be the ones who physically brings these people together as well the ones who drives the common language between these parties.
  4. Self organize.In a true agile team everyone has the role to act as a tester. They should know how to shift focus from time to time when needed. They have to focus their attention towards verifying DONE attitude rather than DONE DONE attitude.
  5. Focus on people.Testers are basically at the bottom line in a non agile software team. To them the works are given, particular time to complete is given and the programmers looks as those lower to them.
  6. Keep it simple.Testers can help the customer to understand how to prominently deliver value. They have to provide a equal balance of iterative testing, just a right confidence to deliver the software.

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