Agile and Scrum methodology in Software testing introduction tutorial and pdf

As the world of software development keeps growing, developers are gradually leaning toward the use of agile testing as the preferred method of testing and executing their projects. Agile involves testing in scrum.Here is an overview about Agile Scrum testing and its PDF version Guide.

How does the Scrum Testing work?

In Scrum, tasks are divided into small time frames otherwise known as time boxes. This is to allow for the delivery of specific features in the release so that after each iteration, the working software build can be delivered. The software builds are usually done incrementally (when it comes to adding features). But the final build is equipped with all the features the customer would need. The Agile methodology has some basic characteristics and they include:


Meetings Involved

Role of a tester in Scrum

The following are the roles of a tester in scrum:

Challenges of Agile Scrum

Agile Scrum is not without its own challenges. Chief among the challenges are:


Agile and Scrum testing is a necessary test that you need to subject your software to before it is approved for the market. Its purpose is to ensure that all is well and that users’ specifications are met.

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