Scenario Testing in software development

What is Scenario Testing

Scenario tests are realistic, credible and motivating to stakeholders, challenging for the program and easy to evaluate for the tester. They provide meaningful combination of functions and variables rather than the more artificial combination you get with domain testing or combinatorial test design. A detailed tutorial about scenario testing in pdf can be read at the end of this page.


This test find out the issues in our software against the practical usage. The end users creates the scenario here. Now we can consider an example to get more idea. Supposed We have developed a billing software for shop. We have completed many testing and there is no bugs in coding and all features are working, thats good. Now we are discussing with our customer and starting and regression test. He is telling a scenario, that I have entered a processed bill for one order, then my customer require to change the quantity of material he purchased. I need to give its as same bill. Then we will try this scenario in our software, and we found that our software not able to edit the generated bill because there is no option for that. So we need to add that facility too. Its only a general example. In simple words it doing the test against practical situation , and that stories can be given by end customers.

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