What is PHP and Full form of PHP ?

Full form of PHP is Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP is the most popular and widely used server side scripting language for web development. It is used to make the Dynamic pages in websites.

Rasmus Lerdorf was the creator of PHP in 1995.

PHP codes are embedding in HTML source codes for making the page dynamic. PHP can deal with most of the requirements in web development like Database, File handling, String operations, Arrays, Graphics, File Uploads, Data processing etc.

PHP can be used in any operating system with a web server Supports PHP. Apache web server is one of the popular web server dealing with PHP + MySQL. Moreover PHP is absolutely free to use.

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  1. Post will be useful for those searching for “PHP stands for” and “full form of PHP”

  2. Whats this Dynamic page means ? I know only html pages and creating with front page.

  3. I love PHP . Really interesting to code with it. And enough information and resources available

  4. Is PHP a Software or Programming Language ? Is there any difference between Scripting Language and Programming Language ?

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