50+ ASP.Net Interview questions with answers

Here is a list of commonly asked interview questions about ASP.net. ASP stands for active server pages and it is also widely used for web programming after PHP. Download ASP DOTNET interview questions in PDF format. ASP.Net based on Object oriented programming concept. ASP.net is an open source server-side Web application framework that is designed and marketed by Microsoft and intended to help programmers to create dynamic websites, web services and web applications with minimal coding.Here I have collected some good interview questions with their answers.

  • Prepare about introduction about ASP2_What is ASP
  • Expect a question about difference between normal asp and asp.net
  • Sure question about Cookie in ASP.net
  • Question about ASP.Net builtin objects
  • About ServerTransfer and ResponseDirect
  • AutoPostBack
  • What is called as round trip in ASP.Net
  • Different Types of Cookies
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