SAP EDI Tutorial

In SAP EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange. As ALE, it is also used for exchanging business data between different systems. EDI requires IDoc Interface. The IDoc interface is made up of the definition of a data structure and the processing logic of this data structure. The data structure is the IDoc. In this tutorial you will get some SAP EDI PDF Training materials, list of tables & transaction codes used for EDI.

You use EDI in SAP if you want to exchange business application documents with an (external) partner system (for example, a customer or vendor). The SAP system sends EDI messages in IDoc format to an EDI subsystem, where they are converted to a universal EDI standard (UN/EDIFACT or ANSI/X12). This enables communication with non-SAP systems. Two partners are involved in the process in an EDI application scenario: The sender and the recipient of an EDI message.

SAP EDI Tables

Here is a list of some important tables used to store SAP EDI specific information.

  • EDADM : EDI client-specific system parameters
  • EDCPIC : EDI table of received IDocs from R/2
  • EDIPOWHITELIST : Positive List for EDI File Ports
  • EDPO1 : EDI table for partner profiles (outbound), level 1
  • EDPO3 : EDI table for partner profiles (outbound), level 2
  • EDPP1 : EDI Partner (general partner profiles – inb. and outb.)
  • TBDME : ALE supplement data for EDI message type
  • TCEDP21 : EDI Partner Profile: Help Structure Table Control edp21
  • TEDE1 : EDI process types (outbound)
  • TEDE2 : EDI process types (inbound)
  • TEDE5 : EDI Process codes for error handling
  • TEDS3 : EDI Status: Assignment to Sts Grps, Suitability f. Archiving
  • TEDST : SAP EDI Form routines for reading master data
  • EDIDC : Control record (IDoc)
  • EDIDS : Status Record (IDoc)
  • EDIFMT : IDoc: Text table for EDIFM (function module for file names)

SAP EDI Transaction Codes

List of some important tcodes used for SAP electronic data interchange.

  • WEDI : EDI Basis
  • WEL0 : Forward (inbound) (EDILOGADR)
  • OYED : Conversion EDIS -> EDIR
  • BALD : ALE Development
  • OYEA : IDoc administration
  • BD97 : Assign RFC dest. to Logical Systems
  • WE02 : Display IDoc
  • BD20 to BD99 Tcodes.
  • WE01 to WE87 Tcodes
  • WE21 : Port definition
  • Check Idoc & Ale pages to view the details of more tcodes associated with EDI.

SAP EDI PDF Training Material

Some Basic Questions & Answers

What is SAP EDI?
EDI in SAP is used for transmitting business documents between a SAP system & external system like customers or vendors. It transmitting the data using intermediate documents called as IDocs.
What is the full form of EDI?
Full form EDI in SAP is Electronic Data Interchange.
Which tcode is used for administration of EDI?
We can use transaction code WEDI for EDI administration.