Basic & Advanced MySQL Interview Questions with Answers

MySQL RDBMS is the most popular open source database used mainly with PHP and another online applications. Here is some most commonly asked interview questions collections about MySQL. Download Complete MySQL Faqs in PDF. If you are a PHP programmer or an online software developer, you should be thorough with basic RDBMS ( Relational Database Management system ). The questions you can expect from this topic are about

  • Creating, deleting, altering Databases and tables
  • Connection with database
  • Primary keys , index keys and foreign keys
  • How you start designing tables as per the requirement
  • Selection query
  • Optimizing the queries with left and right join
  • Aggregating functions like SUM
  • Selecting the unique rows
  • avoiding the duplicate rows
  • Search in Mysql table
  • Technical features and General knowledge topics about MySQL

Most of the companies are working with this MySQL tables and there are a lot of job chances in this field as database  administrator  and programmer. Please go through all of these followed questions with their answers before attending the interview.

  • 3_Why use the MySQL Database Server
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