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SoapUI is a free and open source Functional Testing solution. It allows you to rapidly and easily creates automated functions, regression and load tests. In case of testing environment, SoapUI supports all test coverage and also supports all the standard protocols and technologies. In this tests you can do how much ever you want and there are no limits to this test as proper results needs to be attained at the end. This brings a complete and simple testing experience to technical and non technical staffs.

SoapUI sits atop the list of open source API tools that are designed for testing some APIs such as SOAP and REST. It is the turn-to tool for many developers who want to get their jobs done easily by using some helpful tools. There are some reasons why SoapUI is the toast of many developers. A good look at some of these reasons will convince you of its importance to you as a developer.

SoapUI Functional Testing

SoapUI Functional Testing is one of the best testing techniques in software development to ensure that an application is developed in conformity with the agreed specifications with the objective of developing a program that will meet the needs of the end users. Regardless of whether you want to create a new TestSuites or add some assertions to an existing TestCases, it is amazingly easy and simple with this tool.

Some of the main features of SoapUI are as follows:

  • Web service inspection
  • Web service invoking
  • Web services developments
  • Web services simulation and mocking
  • Web services functional, load compliances and security testing.

Features of SoapUI in Detail

  1. User-Friendly GUI: Ease of use was one of the several factors considered when developing the GUI of SoapUI. Without a prior knowledge of the GUI, you can find your way around it and do whatever testing you want to do. For instance, creating a SoapUI project is relatively simple. You just click on the File and select New SOAP Project from the menu option. To complete the process, enter a valid file path for WSDL. That’s how easy it is to use the GUI.
  2. Easy for Functional Testing: Software testing usually involves the use of test steps, test suites, and test requests. You can take advantage of the simplicity of SoapUI to make your job easy. It has a drag and drop option you can use to create the hypothetical scenario you will use for the test without writing any scripts. After creating a project, you can add the test suites with this application.

The test debugging feature of SoapUI allows the user to monitor the progressive debugging of the application. This will make room for the developer to have a good knowledge of the errors in the program.

  1. It supports data-driven testing: SoapUI also eases functional testing by supporting data-driven testing. This makes room for developers to bulk activities such as inserting, updating, or deleting of related testing.
  2. Comprehensive reporting: By using SoapUI for functional testing, you can enjoy the opportunity to generate comprehensive reports in any format including HTML, Excel, PDF, and Word. You can also customize the report to satisfy the intended use. You can have easy access to the reports by using the Project window.
  3. Contract coverage: SoapUI contains a Test Coverage function that will inform you when you have tested sufficient information or where to shift your attention to in order to enhance your use of time.
  4. Analytic: SoapUI has some powerful analytics that will speed up the testing rate and save you some time that will prove useful in other areas of your work. Another feature is the ability to create reports as a part of the analysis and exporting the reports for use whenever you want.
  5. Flexibility: SoapUI is open source software that allows others to extend the features of the tool by creating their own SoapUI Plugins. It is a feature that makes the tool one of the best functional testing tools among developers.

These features of SoapUI and much more make functional testing delightful for the testers, contributing to the success of their efforts to rid an application of flaws that will adversely affect its overall performance.

You can avail yourself of the good features of the tool to meticulously test your software as part of a collective effort to ensure better performance.

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SoapUI had also got few awards which are-ATI Automation Honors 2009, Info World Best of Open Source Software Award 2008, SOA World Readers’ Choice Award 2007 etc.

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