SAP COPA ( profitability analysis ) Tutorial, tables, tcodes & sample report

SAP COPA is a sub module coming under CO module. PA stands for profitability analysis. As the name says COPA module in SAP acts as a strategic & financial reporting tool for analyzing the profitability based on different segments. View COPA components, tables, Transaction codes and PDF tutorials.

The segments can be based on different user inputs like country wise, customer wise product wise etc. So an organization can easily analyse the profit output based on the data from SD, MM & CO module. Also the reports can be generated based on Costing or accounting or both. In the beginning stage this module is used for only strategic analysis, but later it became a financial reporting tool also. Here is a sample COPA report for your reference.



Here is the list of sub components coming under the SAP Profitability Analysis in CO application component with the package name they belong to.

  1. HLA0009405 → CO-PA → Profitability Analysis
  2. HLA0100153 → CO-PA-ACT → Flows of Actual Values
  3. HLA0100162 → CO-PA-ACT-AG → Transfer of Customer Rebate Agreements
  4. HLA0100155 → CO-PA-ACT-BI → Transfer of Billing Documents
  5. HLA0100161 → CO-PA-ACT-DE → Data Entry
  6. HLA0100157 → CO-PA-ACT-DP → Direct Posting from FI/MM
  7. HLA0100159 → CO-PA-ACT-OH → Transfer of Overhead
  8. HLA0100156 → CO-PA-ACT-OR → Order and Project Settlement
  9. HLA0100160 → CO-PA-ACT-PA → Periodic Adjustments
  10. HLA0100158 → CO-PA-ACT-PV → Settlement of Production Variances
  11. HLA0100154 → CO-PA-ACT-SO → Transfer of Incoming Sales Orders
  12. HLA0009432 → CO-PA-BUD → Sales and Promotion Budgets by Profitability Segment
  13. HLA0009437 → CO-PA-FS → Extended Functions for Financial Institutions (See IS-IS)
  14. HLA0009438 → CO-PA-IS → Information System
  15. HLA0100167 → CO-PA-MD → Master Data
  16. HLA0100168 → CO-PA-MD-CH → Characteristic Values
  17. HLA0100169 → CO-PA-MD-VA → Valuation
  18. HLA0009435 → CO-PA-MTO → Extended Functions for Order-Related Production
  19. HLA0009434 → CO-PA-MTS → Extended Functions for Make-To-Stock Production
  20. HLA0009433 → CO-PA-PMS → Profitability Analysis / Basic Functions
  21. HLA0009430 → CO-PA-REL → Revenue Element Accounting
  22. HLA0009431 → CO-PA-SPP → Sales and Profit Planning
  23. HLA0100149 → CO-PA-SPP-AP → Automatic Planning
  24. HLA0100151 → CO-PA-SPP-BU → Sales and Promotion Budgets
  25. HLA0100150 → CO-PA-SPP-IP → Integrated Planning
  26. HLA0100148 → CO-PA-SPP-MP → Manual Planning
  27. HLA0100152 → CO-PA-ST → Structures
  28. HLA0100164 → CO-PA-TO → Tools
  29. HLA0009436 → CO-PA-WR → Extended Functions for Retailing


Here is a list of sample 15 tables coming under COPA SAP component. Full list will be available from the mentioned link after this list.

  • TKETD1 → Distribution profile
  • TKEHDB_CE1_ERR → HANA CO-PA Integration: CE1 Error with HANA Replication
  • TKECX → Exits for Making Release-Independent
  • COPA_CRM_GUIDMAP → Mapping Table CRM GUIDS – CO-PA Document Numbers
  • CE2YZDL → Practice YZDL Op Con
  • T25E7 → Text table for characteristic values
  • TKEQUS3 → Ratio Scheme: Access-Level Characteristics
  • TKEBPFL → CO-PA Mass Processing: Parameters
  • TKEDR → Characteristic Derivation: Strategies
  • TKEF → CO-PA field catalog
  • T25E5 → Values for Characteristic “8 “
  • TVGAI → Number range table for number range object COPA_IST
  • K9RALR0000473SAP → Derivation Rule: Departure Location from Flight Segment
  • CE4S_AL_ACCT → Airline Route Profit
  • TKEIPV10T → CO-PA: Entry Aids (User-Dependent) – Texts
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  • View Profitability Analysis tables list in PDF

SAP COPA Transaction Codes

See some sample transaction codes used with SAP CO-PA sub module. I have added Full list with details in another tutorial (see the link after this list).

  • KE1U → Display Forecast Profile
  • KEU4N → Delete Actual Transfer of CCtr Costs
  • S_ALR_87005696 → IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORKE5055
  • S_ALR_87005739 → IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORKEKECP
  • KEBI → Set operating concern (batch-input)
  • S_ALR_87005772 → IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORKEKEDP
  • KEUD → Overview Actual Assessment Cycles
  • KE4I → View maintenance VV2_T258I_V
  • KEP1 → Maintain record types
  • KEF1 → Change Revaluation Keys
  • KE12 → Display plan data
  • KE1I → Maintain Ratio Scheme
  • S_ALR_87005723 → IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE37
  • KEKG → Active Indicator for Prof.Ctr Update
  • S_ALR_87005578 → IMG Activity: SIMG_CFMENUORKEKE1I
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  • View COPA Tcodes in PDF

SAP Profitability Analysis in CO related tutorials

PDF Tutorials

Important notes about CO-PA

  • Two sub components of CO-PA module are flows of actual values (CO-PA-ACT) & Tools (CO-PA-TO).
  • Two types of COPA in SAP are Account based & Costing based.
  • This tool is used by top level officials in a company, to take strategic & financial decisions based on the COPA reports.

Some Basic Questions & Answers

What is SAP COPA?
SAP CO PA is a sub module coming under Financial controlling (CO) module in SAP. This module enables you to evaluate market segments to support internal accounting and decision-making.
What is the full form of COPA in SAP?
CO Stands for Controlling and PA stands for Profitability Analysis.
What are the two types of COPA?
There are mainly two types of COPA in SAP. They are Account based COPA and Costing based COPA.
Which method is used to calculate profits in SAP CO-PA?
Cost-of-sales method of accounting is used to calculate profits in COPA.
What are the different currency types supported by COPA in SAP?
Operating concern currency (code B0) and company code currency (code 10) are the two default types of currency codes supported by COPA.