Software Testing Interview Questions with answers – basic questions list pdf

Here is a list of commonly asked basic level Software Testing Interview Questions.You must prepare about different types of testing and about the commonly used Words in Software Testing before attending the Interview.


  1. What are the importance of Software Testing?
  2. What are the main tools you are used for Software Testing?
  3. What are the different types of Software Testing?
  4. What are the difference between Black Box and White Box testing?
  5. What are the difference between Manual Testing and Automated Testing ?
  6. What is Unit Testing ?
  7. What is Integration Testing ?
  8. What is acceptance testing ?
  9. What is Static testing?
  10. What is System testing?
  11. What is Load Testing?
  12. What is Smoke Testing?
  13. What is Soak Testing?
  14. What is Scalability Testing?
  15. What is Sanity Testing?
  16. What is Ramp Testing?
  17. What is Monkey Testing?
  18. What is Gray Box Testing?
  19. What is Functional Testing?
  20. What is Glass Box Testing?
  21. What is Dynamic Testing?
  22. What is Compatibility Testing?
  23. What is Concurrency Testing?
  24. What is Component Testing?
  25. What is Ad Hoc Testing?
  26. What is Agile Testing?
  27. What are the different phases in Software Testing?
  28. How you define defects and Bugs?
  29. What are the roles of a QA specialist?
  30. What is Test Case and Test Plan ?
  31. Tell me about Top Down and Bottom Up approaches in testing?
  32. Tell me about Software Testing Life cycle

Software testing interview questions in PDF

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