Most important Android Interview Questions with Answers

Here is a list of 50 important Android Operating system interview questions with their answers.Android is the most popular operating system used in mobile phones. It started a new era on mobile industry with smartphones and tablets. The main feature was its touch screen. Android operating system is initially developed by a company called “Android Inc”. later it acquired by google and then Goggle released this as an open source code. Now most of the IT companies are working with Android Apps developments.

Android is a mobile operating system which was designed and built by Google, using the Linux Kernel and intended to mainly for touchscreen mobile devices like tablets and Smartphones. Its interface for users works on direct manipulation, through the use of touch gestures which slackly match actions that are taken in real world, like tapping, pinching and swiping, to influence objects on the screen, with a virtual keyboard for inputting text. Android remains the largest installed base of all OS (operating systems) and has also been on the top of the tablets that have been sold since 2013.

The Android software development kit (SDK) is used in writing applications (Apps), which are used in broadening the functionality of devices. The Java programming language with full access to the Android APIs also plays a role in writing applications.

There are several institutes providing training for Android development. Now go through all these question and answers before attending your Android job interviews.

Android interview questions with answers

Here are some of the Android interview questions and answers to help you if you are planning on attending an interview.

  1. What is Android?


Android is an open source operating system that is mainly used on mobile devices like tablets and Smartphones. Its operations are mainly based on the Linux kernel system which comprises of rich elements that enable developers to develop and run apps that are able to carry out both basic and advanced functions.

  1. What are intents?


Intents display messages of notification from within the Android enabled device to the user. Intents are used to notify the user when a particular state occurs, and users have the opportunity to respond to the notification.

  1. What is ANR?


ANR is the acronym for Application Not Responding. When an application is unresponsive for a long time, the dialogue shows up to let the user know about the situation.

  1. What is Orientation?


Orientation dictates whether the LinearLayout is represented as a column or a roll, when it is set using setOrientationa(). The values are set as VERTICAL or as HORIZONTAL.

  1. What is adb?


Adb simply stands for Android Debug Bridge. It presents developers with the power to perform shell commands that are remote. Its major work is to permit and direct communication towards and from the emulator port.

  1. What is the Google Android SDK?


Google Android SDK is a set of tools required by developers to enable them write apps on Android enabled devices. It has a graphical interface which imitates an Android handheld environment, enabling them in testing and debugging their codes.

  1. What is Android Architecture?


Android Architecture consists of 4 main elements

  • Linux Kernel
  • Android Framework
  • Android Applications
  • Libraries
  1. How can we use escape characters as attributes?


Escape characters usually have backlashes before them. For instance, one can create a newline character with the use of ‘\\n’

  1. Differentiate between Activities and Services


A user can close or terminate activities anytime he/she wishes to do so. Services, on the other hand, run behind the scene and are able to act in an independent manner. Whether or not there are certain activities being executed, the majority of services run continuously.

  • If your a fresher, then expect this as the first question. Prepare an introduction about Android.
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