SAP SD (Sales and distribution) Interview Questions

Here I have collected some important SAP SD interview questions that can expect in your job interviews for SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) module. SD module in SAP is really big one and even experienced professionals may not aware about the full functionalities in this module. Before attending the interview , you should prepare about […]

SAP HR Interview questions & Answers | Realtime Questions

SAP HR Interview questions with answers about simple maintenance interface, info-groups, processing class, evaluation path, internal payroll process, schema, authorization, dynamic actions, recruitment cycle, internal recruitment, time management etc. Explain the uses of the simple maintenance interface? Simple Maintenance is used when Staff assignments and reporting structure are to be changed. There are three main […]

SAP FI Interview Questions & Answers

Here is a list of some SAP FI Interview Questions & Answers which are commonly & frequently asked in SAP FI module related job interviews. What is the difference between company and company code? A company is the organizational unit used in the legal consolidation module to roll up financial statements of several company codes. […]

SAP ABAP dialog program ( Transactions) Interview questions

What is a transaction? –          A transaction is dialog program that change data objects in a consistent way. What are the requirements a dialog program must fulfill? A dialog program must fulfill the following requirements –          A user friendly user interface. –          Format and consistence checks for the data entered by the user. –          Easy […]

ABAP Reports Interview Questions

REPORT GENERATION – FORMATTING The alignment of a type ‘c’ field in a report is left Aligned. In the statement Write:/15(10) Ofal-lifnr. what do the number 15 and 10 stand for 15 stand for the offset on the screen and 10 stands for the field length displayed. 3.      Specify the default alignment for the following […]

SAP ABAP Modularization Interview Questions

Does every ABAP/4 have a modular structure? Yes.  What is Modularization and its benefits? If the program contains the same or similar blocks of statements or it is required to process the same function several times, we can avoid redundancy by using modularization techniques.  By modularizing the ABAP/4 programs we make them easy to read […]

Interview Questions about SAP Logical database

Preparation of the data records by the L.D.B and reading of the data records in the actual report are accomplished with the command pair Put and Get. The three main elements of LDB are Structure, Selections, and Database Program. In LDB what determines hierarchy of the tables? Structure. In general what are the two ways […]

SAP Data Dictionary Interview Questions & Answers

What are the layers of data description in R/3? The external layer. The ABAP/4 layer. The database layer. Define external layer? The external layer is the plane at which the user sees and interacts with the data, that is, the data format in the user interface.  This data format is independent of the database system […]

SAP BDC interview Questions & Answers

1.  What is full form of BDC Session? Batch Data Communication Session. 2.  What are the steps in a BDC session? The first step in a BDC session is to identify the screens of the transaction that the program will process.  Next step is to write a program to build the BDC table that will […]

SAP R/3 Architecture Interview Questions

1. What guarantees the integration of all application modules? The R/3 basis system guarantees the integration of all application modules.  The R/3 basis s/w provides the run time environment for the R/3 applications ensures optimal integration, defines a stable architectural frame for system enhancements, and contains the administration tools for the entire system.One of the […]