Transfer of PRICAT-Messages in Sales and distribution Module | SAP SD PDF Tutorial

Here is a PDF training guide about Pricat message transfer in SAP SD module. This business process allows you to export a logical message type PRICAT from R/3 to an external system, via ALE and IDocs, or to import it from an external system. (R/3 supports both EANCOM standard message type PRICAT and ANSI X12 transaction set 832.)

When an export is prepared, the R/3 system creates IDocs (SAP intermediate document format) for all materials to be included in the price catalog. These IDocs are sent to an external converter, which converts the IDocs into EANCOM standard message PRICAT or ANSI X12 format.

See some of the transaction codes used with Pricat in SAP.

Transaction CodePurpose
WPRIPRICAT on the Internet
WEB_PRICATPricat on web
VPRICATMaintain and Create Price Catalog
VPREPRICAT manual creation
PRICATPRICAT: Maintain mat. as per catalog
PRICATLOGPRICAT: Display application log
PRICREATPRICAT: BAPI outbound IDoc test data