SAP Master Data in SD (SD-MD) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 640 SAP standard tables used with SAP Master Data in SD component (SAP SD-MD) coming under SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP SD-MD tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Condition Table for Pricing $

Not Used in Standard

Country/Customer Classification/Material Classification

Tax Classification



Price List Type/Currency/Material


Plant/Additional selling plant

Additional Selling Plant/EAN

Additional Selling Plant/Material

Country/Country of Dest./Customer Classif./Material Classif.

Additional Selling Plant/Material Group

Overhead Type

Overhead Type/Overhead Key

Not Used in Standard

Contract Item

Material Info Record (Plant-Specific)

Material Info Record

Contract Header

Division/Price Group

Vendor/Material/Unit of Measure

Material/Unit of Measure

Additional Selling Plant/Material/Unit of Measure

Distribution Channel/Material/Unit of Measure

Info Record for Non-Stock Item (Plant-Specific)

Controlling Area/Cost Center

Controlling Area

Info Record for Non-Stock Item

Material Pricing Group

Customer/Material Pricing Group

Price Group/Material Pricing Group

Price group/Material


Incoterms Part 1 + 2

Overhead Type/Plant

Overhead Type/Order Type

Overhead Type/Order Catg.

Overhead Type/Company Code

Overhead Type/Business Area

Country/State/Customer Classif.1/Material Classification 1

Country/State/County/Customer Classif.2/Material Classif.2

Country/State/City/Customer Classif.3/Material Classif.3

Purchasing Organization/Material Type


Vendor Condition Group

Material Group Prices

Material Group Prices (Plant-Specific)

Sales conditions sample structure for pricing

Market Price for Material

Sales conditions sample structure for pricing

Invoicing Party

Invoicing Party (Specific to Info Record)

Taxes Using Jurisdiction Code

Market Price for Material Group

Sales conditions sample structure for pricing

Sales conditions sample structure for pricing


Controlling Area/Cost Center Type

Controlling Area/Company Code

Controlling Area/Business Area

Controlling Area/Cost Center Type/Cost Center

Controlling Area/Company Code/Cost Center

Controlling Area/Business Area/Cost Center

Customer Hierarchy

Customer Hierarchy/Material

Info record per order unit

Plant Info Record per Order Unit

Outline Agreement Item: Plant-Dependent

Vendor Subrange

EAN per Plant

Material per Plant

EAN per SOrg/DstCh

Material per SOrg/DstCh

Plant/Preference Zone/Material

Master Conditions for SRV with Material Group

Master Conditions for Activities in Contract

Cost Split for Activities in Contract

Departure Country / Destination Country

Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material Group

Taxes: Material

Contract Conditions at Plant Level

Contract Conditions without Plant

Vendor Conditions with Plant

Vendor Conditions without Plant

Metal Prices

Taxes: Material, Plant and Origin

Taxes: Plant, Account Assignment and Origin

Taxes: Material, Plant, Account Assignment and Origin

SD Document/Material

SD Document/Item/Material

Wage Type Surcharge at Plant Level

Wage Type Surcharge without Plant

Wage Type Surcharge – General

Taxes: Material, Plant, Origin and Region

Activities + Purchasing Organization

Activities for Vendor

Activities for Vendor with Plant

SD Document/Item/Material Pricing Group

SD Document/Item


SOrg/DstCh/Material-Main Item/Material Pricing Group

SOrg/DstCh/Material Pricing Group-Main Item/Material


Service Conditions (Own Estimate)

Controlling Area/Company Code/Business Area

Price List/Material Group

Vendor Hierarchy

Vendor Hierarchy / Material

Vendor hierarchy: vendor sub-range

Sales Organization/Destination Country

Service agent

Service agent/Dep.cntry/

Tax Exemption: Customer

Ser.agnt/Dep.ctry/Dep.PC /Ship-to party

Tax Exemption – Customer/Tax Classification 2-Material

Tax Exemption – Customer/Material

“Empties” Prices (Material-Dependent)

Service agent/Dep.ctry/ /Dest. country

Overhead Type/Version

Surch. type /Profit Center

Discount Type/Resp. Cost Center

Service agent/Dep.cntry/Dep. PostCode/Tariff zone Dest. loc.

Service agent/Tariff zone dep./Tariff zone target

Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Freight Class

Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/Incoterms

Service Agent/TariffZoneDep/TariffZoneDest/ShippingMatType

Service Agent/TariffZDep/TariffZDest/ShipMatType/VSEGR 1

Transp. service agent/shipping type/bulk group

Sales Area / Accounting Indicator

Dest. Ctry/Material

Country of Departure/Destination Country/Del. Country

Campaign ID/Material

CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N

CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area/GM_GRANT_N

CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/Func. Area

CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund

CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Func. Area

CO Area/Ovrhd Type/GM_GRANT_N

CO Area/Ovrhd Type/Fund/GM_GRANT_N

Country/Preference Zone/Cross-Plant Grouping

TaxIndPlnt/Tax type

Region/PlntRegion/Plant/Tax ind.

ACRN ID/Material/Version Number/Priority

Order no./Item/Configuration no./Material/Preference zone

Material with release status

Customer/material with release status

Price list category/currency/material with release status

Customer with Release Status

Sales org.

ST Code/Post.code/PlntRegion

ST Code/Region/PlntRegion


Jur. code

Country/PlntRegion/ST Code/TaxCl1Cust/TaxCl.Mat

Country/Plant/Ctrl code

Country/Plant/Ctrl code/Material

Plant/Matl group

Country/NBM-NCM Code




Country/Plant/Ctrl code/TaxCl1Cust

Country/Plant/Ctrl code/Ship-to

Sales org./Ref.doc./Ref.item

Brazil: 100% reversals

Access via Sales organization / Material

Access to sales organization


Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer/Material/City code

Access to Plant

External agent/Shipping point


Condition Table for Pricing A510

Condition Table for Pricing A511


Camp. ID/Matl grp 1

Camp. ID/Customer/Material

Camp. ID/Customer/Matl grp 1

Condition Table for Pricing A526

ZD SOrg-order

SD doc./Item/Variant

IDES_Global Agreement for Valuation, depend on the Catagory


Condition Table for Pricing A602

Valuation for Campaign

Sun.Vine Commission Rates

Sun.Vine – Contingency Rate


Camp. ID

SD Doc./Item/Material

SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Grade

SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Country

SD Doc./Item/Material/Billable/Country/Grade

SD Doc./Item/Material

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID/Customer

Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID

Distr. Chl/Material/Product ID/Customer

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Customer/Division/Plant

Sales org./Customer

Condition Table for Pricing A714

Condition Table for Pricing A715


Sales org./


SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR – City/POD – City/Shpg Cond./Variant

SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR-Countr/POD-Countr/Shpg Cond./Variant

SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR – City/POD-Countr/Shpg Cond./Variant

SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POR-Countr/POD – City/Shpg Cond./Variant

SD Doc./Cust.grp.2/POL/POD/Shpg Cond./Variant

Sales Org. D.C. Price Group

Sales org./Incoterms/Dest. Ctry




Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Incoterms

Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Ship-to Party


Appl./AgreemntNo/Busi. Type/Segment/Version/Status

ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest

ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest/FreightCl.

condition table for price by sonia

condition table 2nd for price by sonia

Sold-to pt/SOrg-order

ShipmntTyp/ServcAgent/TfZn P.Dep/FreightCl.





Advanced Returns Management – Customer Return Reason

Advanced Returns Management – Returns Refund Code




Rateplan Traffic Voice and Data Usage – YTEL05

Traffic Type Traffic Voice and Data Usage – YTEL05

Branch dependent valuation

Branch and Agreement category dependent valuation






Monthly Incentive Target

Monthly Transaction Target

YTD Accelerator

Appl./Rate Plan/Version/Status

YTEL01 – Product Multiplier

YTEL01 – Term Multiplier

YTEL01 – Discount Multiplier

YTEL01 – Listprice Multiplier

YTEL01 – Margin Multiplier

Complex Target

Sales Org/ Dis Channel/Variant

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Sold-to pt/Region

Condition Table for Pricing A902

Condition Table for Pricing A903

Appl./AgreemntNo/Divis./Contr. no./RemBusTrCt/Version/Status

Appl./AgreemntNo/Contr. no./RemBusTrCt/Version/Status


Sales org./Distr. Chl/Sold-to pt

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Sold-to pt/Incoterms/Inco. 2

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Ship-to/Incoterms/Inco. 2


Sales org./Distr. Chl/Matl Group



Sales org./Price grp/Material



Organisation/Practice/Client/Fee Earner


Pricing by SOrg./Price grp/Matl Group/Material

Sales Organization/Incoterms

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Shpg Cond./Incoterms/Plant/Ship-to

Condition Table for Pricing A940

Condition Table for Pricing A941

Condition Table for Pricing A942

Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Material/WBS Element

Sales ORg/Distr Chan/Material/WBS Elm/PersNr

Sales Org/DistrChannel/Customer/Material/Personnel NR

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable/Country

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable/Grade

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Material/Billable/Country/Grade





ServcAgent/Dlv.Prior./TfZn P.Dep/Tf zn.dest



SD doc./

Sales Doc./Item/Pers.No.

Sales document/MnItm PrcRefMatl/Personnel Number

Purchasing organization

Agreements: Buffer for Intial Upload

$ Sample Table for output control

Sales Organization/Customer Number

Sales Organization/Sales Activity Type

Sales Organization/Order Type


Order Type

Billing Type

Delivery Type

Shipping Point/Route

Sales Organization/Billing Type

Sales Organization/Delivery Type

Sales Org.

Grouping Type/Shipping Point

Credit Control Area/Cred.Representative Group/Risk Category


Transport Type

Sales Organization/Receiving Country

Shipping material type

DlvType/Shipping Point

TrspPlPoint and Shipment Type

TrspPlPoint, TrspProcessingType and Service Agent

Purchasing Output Determination: Doc.Type/Purch.Org/Vendor

Purchasing Output Determination: Document Type

Purchasing Output Determination: Purch. Org./Vendor for EDI

Ship-to party/shipping mat.

Specification Department

Area of Responsibility

Application Area: Output Number

MRP Controller

Planner Group


Document Type/Document Status

CoCode, Blocking reason: Price

CoCode, Vendor

Company code

Output Control: Sample Structure for Output Data

C Status, Laboratory

PM Message – Plant Maintenance

Purchasing Group

Laboratory/Engineering and Design Office

Planner Group

Capacity Planner

MRP Controller

Cost center

Transaction/print vers./print ind./label type/label form

GR Output

Transaction/Printed Version/Print ID

Transaction/Print Vers./Print Ind./SHKZG

Missing Parts

Kanban Cards for GR

Output Determination: DocumentType/Purch.Org./Material Group

Condition tables for Output Nota Fiscal


Doc.Type/Sales Org./Customer

Sales Organization/Condition Granter

SOrg/Distr.Channel/Division/Rebate Recipient

Purchasing Organization/Invoicing

Sales Organization/Distribution Channel/Division/Payer

Company Code/Invoicing

Company Code/Payer

Delivery Type / Shipping cond.

Delivery Block


Shipping point


Output Determination Training: EKO

Division/Incoterms/Item cat.

Archiving: Billing Documents Subject to Volume-Based Rebate

Condition Table for Acct.Determination: $


Cust.Grp/Account Key

Material Grp/Acct Key


Acct Key

SlsOrg/Card cat.



Chart of Accounts/SlsOrg/DChannel/AcctGroup Cust/Account Key

Conversion Table VARNUMH CRM <> KNUMH … DATBI

Condions Exchange: Convert Field Contents

Condions Exchange: Convert Field Contents

Lock Table for Initial Load

Conditions: Buffer for Initial Upload


Prefix for Every Usage

Object Types for Conditions@POWL: Header

Object Types for Conditions@POWL: Item Data

TG Exchange: Target Group Header

TG Exchange: Target Group Item (BP Info)

TG Exchange: Target Group Item (Product Info)

TG Exchange: Target Group Text

Condition Table for Material Determination $

Condition Table for Rebate $

GTIN Variant types

Description of GTIN variant types

Condition Table for Secondary Indexes $

Condition Table for Material Listing/Exclusion $

Condition Table for Batch Search Strategy $

Condition(s) for Customer

Customer-Material Info Record Header Table

Customer Master Record Texts for Sales


Index: Groups of Conditions/Header Record Conditions

Conditions (Data)

Material Substitution – Data Division

Conditions: Additional Materials for Material Determination

Conditions: Batch Strategy – Data Division

General Document Index for Conditions

Conditions: Free goods – Data section

Conditions: Free goods determination – scales

Conditions (Header)

Conditions (1-Dimensional Quantity Scale)

Conditions (Item)

Conditions (Transaction Data)

Conditions (1-Dimensional Value Scale)

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer/Material

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer Hierarchy/Material

Conditions: Substitution – Sample Structure

SOrg/DistrCh/Material Entered


EAN/GV Type/Sales org./Distr. Chl/Division/County/Customer

Dest. Ctry/Customer/Material


Customer/Rebate Group


Customer Hierarchy

Customer Hierarchy/Material


Vendor/Accounting Group



Vendor Hierarchy: Rebate

Vendor Hierarchy: Material Rebate

Vendor Hierarchy: Vendor Sub-Range Rebate


Campaign ID/Customer/Material

Camp. ID/Customer/Material

Camp. ID/Customer/Matl grp 1

Camp. ID/Customer/Matl grp 1

Condition Table for Rebate KOTE950

Sales org./Distr. Chl/Customer/Prod.hier.

Material/Sales Org./Distrib.Channel

Customer/Sales Org./Dist.Channel/Division

SD Document/Item

Service No./Plant/PurchOrg/Vendor/Package Number/Line Number

Search Term

Tax exemption license number

Sales Organization / Distribution Channel / Division


Customer/Material/Unit of Measure

Plant/Material/Unit of Measure

Cust/Material w/ Organiz. Units

Customer hierarchy / article Group




Destination Country/MatGroup

Destination Country

Material group

Customer Hierarchy

Customer Hierarchy/Material

Warehouse number

Warehouse No./Movement Type

Movement Type

Movement Type/Plant

Movement Type/Material


Movement Type/Plant/Material


Order Type/Plant/Component

Order Type/Plant/Production Material/Component

Condition Table for Batch Search Strategy KOTH504

Order Type / Plant

Condition Table for Batch Search Strategy KOTH900

Warehouse No./Movement Type/Customer



Material group

Info Record: Plant-Specific per Order Unit

Info record per order unit

Customer / material

Campaign ID/Material

Vendor master (short texts for condition types)

Condition Table for Campaign Determination

Condition table for free goods determination

Organization Unit: Business Area Determination

Customers: Customer Groups

Customers: Customer groups: Texts

Customers: Sales Districts

Customers: Sales districts: Texts

Conditions: Groups for Materials

Conditions: Groups for Materials: Texts

Materials: Product Hierarchies

Reporting: Display Variants

Reporting: Screen Texts for Sales

Conditions: Groups for Customer Classifications

Conditions: Groups for Customer Classes: Texts

Conditions: Price List Categories

Conditions: Price List Categories: Texts

Delivery Scheduling: Pick/Pack Time for Materials

Conditions: Views

Conditions: Views (Text)

Conditions: View Sequence

Condition: Tree Control: Features

Condition: Tree Control: Features: Texts?

Condition: Tree Control: Nodes

Condition: Tree Control: Nodes: Fields

Condition: Tree Control: Variants

Condition: Tree Control: Tree Variants

Condition: Tree Control: Variants: Texts

Condition: Tree Control: User-dependent Variants

Conditions: Structures

Conditions: Applications

Conditions: Applications: Texts

Condition: Tables used per Application

Conditions: Fast-Entry Fields

Conditions: Allowed Fields Per Usage and Application

Conditions: Usage/Application with Client

Permitted Document Categories for the Index to Conditions

Object Category Texts for Index to Conditions

Conditions: Fast Entry Types

Conditions: Fast Entry: Texts

Parameters for creating pricing reports

Conditions: Usages

Conditions: Usage: Texts

Condition tables for lists

Conditions: List Variants

Condition Maintenance to Area Menu

Pricing Report: Fields Used

Pricing Report: Texts

Conditions: Dependent Data for Application/Usage

Conditions: Access Sequences

Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form)

Conditions: Access Sequences (Generated Form)

Conditions: Access Sequences: Texts

Conditions: Condition Type/Access (Execute Header Check)

Conditions: Condition Type/Access (Execute Header Check)

Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields)

Conditions: Access Sequences (Fields)

Pricing procedures

Batch Search Procedure: Determination in Sales Docs

Pricing Procedure: Data

Pricing Procedures: Texts

Conditions: Procedure (Text)

Pricing Procedures: Determination in Sales Docs.

Campaign Determination Procedure: Sales Doc. Determination

Conditions: Types

Conditions: Types: Additional Price Element Data

Conditions: Types: Texts

Condition Types: Lower/Higher Limits for Pricing Elements

Conditions: Exclusion Indicator

Conditions: Exclusion Indicator: Texts

Contact Person: Responsibilities in Sales and Distribution

Conditions: Processing Status

Conditions: Processing Status: Texts

Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Tables

Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Types

Condition: Copying Rules for Condition Tables

Rebate : Rebate Agreement Types

Rebate: Agreement Types : Texts

Rebate : Group of permitted Condition Types/Tables

Rebate : Permitted Condition Types/Tables per Group

Rebates : Group of Allowed Condition Types/Tables : Texts

Help Table for Status Info on SD Maint. Views: Key VKBUR

Aux. Table for Status Info SD Maintenance View: Key VKORG

Hierarchy Levels: Texts

Customers: Customer Classifications

Customers: Customer classification: Texts

Business Partners: Customer Master Groups

Availability Check Control

Availability Check: Blocks

Business Partner: Functions

Contact Persons: Functions

Contact Partner Functions: Texts

Data for Product Hierarchy Conversion

Materials: Item Category Groups in Material Master

Billing Doc. Determination f. Rebate: Cust.-Specific Mapping

Billing Document Determination Rebate: Mapping

Contact Person Departments: Texts

Delivery Scheduling: Transportation Groups

Shipping Scheduling: Transportation Groups: Texts

Text Processing: Text ID Groups

Text Processing: Text ID Groups covers ttxs & ttxer

Text Processing: Copy Control Texts

Variant conditions

Text for Variants Conditions

Shipping Unit Group 1

Shipping Unit Group 1: Texts

Shipping Unit Group 2

Shipping Unit Group 2: Texts

Shipping Unit Group 3

Shipping Unit Group 3: Texts

Shipping Unit Group 4

Shipping Unit Group 4: Texts

Shipping Unit Group 5

Shipping Unit Group 5: Texts

Sales Documents: Schedule Line Categories: Texts

Sales Document: Update of Material and Validity Index

Customer Pricing Procedures

Customer Pricing Procedures: Texts

Materials: Account Assignment Groups

Material: Account Assignment Group Texts

Pricing Procedures: Transaction

Customers: Statistics groups

Customers: Statistics groups: Texts

Sales Statistics Groups: Texts

Shipping Parameters at Client-level

Material statistics groups

Organizational Unit: Shipping Points

Customers: Terms of payment

Customers: Terms of Payment Texts

SD Document: Billing Document: Rebate Index

Close-By Plants

System Table INDX

Keyword Definition

Keyword Assignment

Predefined Price Elements

Description and Field Labels for Predefined Price Elements

Reference Materials

Applications (for Material Enhancements)

Assign Transactions to Application

WSD Applications Descriptions

Basic Configuration for Counter Sales

Display Hierarchy Close-by Plants

Display Grouping Sequence for Close-by Plants

Display Hierarchy Text for Close-by Plants

Name of the Grouping in Material Layout

Grouping in Material Layout: Description

Languages supported in WSD Material Creation

Customizing for Material Creation

Material Type available in Material Creation

Material Search Configuration

Material View Configuration

Identification Option for Special Price Elements

Predefined Price Elements in Pricing Procdure

Predefined Price Elements in Pricing Procdure for purchasing

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