SAP SD (Sales and distribution) Interview Questions

Here I have collected some important SAP SD interview questions that can expect in your job interviews for SAP Sales & Distribution (SD) module. SD module in SAP is really big one and even experienced professionals may not aware about the full functionalities in this module. Before attending the interview , you should prepare about the basic structure, components, tcodes and tables in SD module.

  • What are the components of SAP Sales & Distribution module
  • Tell me about the SD organizational structure
  • What is a credit memo
  • What are the different standard pricing condition types
  • What is the transaction code for Modify a  Customer
  • How to create a condition type
  • What is the role of Access Sequence in pricing condition types
  • What are the standard pricing elements in Sales Order processing
  • What is the transaction code for Maintaining pricing procedure
  • What is incoterms
  • What are the Prerequisites for Automatic Pricing
  • How to add Pricing Elements Manually
  • What is the transaction code for Creating a Quotation
  • Tell me about Pricing analysis
  • What is the use and Purpose of Condition Records
  • What is the transaction code used for creating a condition
  • What Happens When condition record Validity Periods Overlap?
  • How to create Promotions and Sales Deals
  • What is the transaction code for Schedule line categories
  • What is the role of release status for condition records
  • What are the different methods to do Sales Order Costing
  • How do you create your own pricing reports in SD
  • What is the role of Sales Support component
  • tell me about “Post Goods issue”
  • What are the transaction codes to display customer & vendor invoices
  • What are the Basic Functions Within Sales Order Processing
  • Tell in detail about “Status overview” about Sales Documents
  • When do you perform an Account Determination Analysis
  • When do you perform a Split Analysis
  • What is Sales Information System
  • What is the transaction code for Defining a Sales documents type

Along with these SAP SD questions, you should memorize the important transaction codes & tables used for SD module.

SAP SD Transaction codes

SAP SD Tables

You can expect some interview questions about SD tcodes from the above topics.

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