SAP Basic Functions in SD (SD-BF) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 323 SAP standard tables used with SAP Basic Functions in SD component (SAP SD-BF) coming under SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP SD-BF tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Dialog Checks

Extra Charge Reconciliation Accounts

Material Sorting Variant

Material Sorting Variant – Texts

Form for Material Sorting Variant

Material Sorting: Sales Documents

Material Sorting: Shipping Documents

Material Sorting: Groups

Material Sorting: Billing Documents

Archiving SD_VBRK: Customizing for Index (secondary)

Archiving SD_VBRK: Customizing for Index (secondary)

Archiving SD_VBRK: Index table (primary)

Archiving SD_VBRK: Index table (secondary)

Archiving SD_VBRK: Index Table


Shipping point

Overall Status – Credit Check

Product info (screens) for ATP information in the internet

Bonus Buy: Stores/Bonus Buys/Deletion Indicator

Campaign Assignment

CPE Billing Blocks: Assignment to SD Blocking Reason

CPE in SD: Determination of Procedure for Formula Assembly

Area of Validity for Commodity Pricing Formula in SD

Area of Validity for Commodity Pricing Term Rule in SD

Area of Validity for Commodity Pricing Term in SD

CPE Caller – Mapping ERP Condition to GUID

CPE Caller – Mapping KNUMV and Document Item to GUID

Billing Plan

Billing Plan

Billing Plan: Dates

Billing Plan: Dates

Customer-Material Info Record Data Table

Customer Hierarchies

Bonus Buys: Header

Bonus Buys: Prerequisites

Bonus Buys: Text

Conditions: Campaign Determination – Data Part

Material Grouping: Header

Material Grouping: Items

Material Grouping: Text

Material Grouping: Exceptions

Sales Org./Distr.Channel/Bonus Buy/Material/Sales Unit



Persistent Lock Records for ATP in R/3 from External Systems

Persistent Lock Records for Product Allocation

Assignment of Profiles to Various Applications

Definition of Print Profile Names

Definition of Print Profile Names and their Usage

Assignment of a Printer to an Object

Detailed output data

Items of a ProductAvailabilityRequirement

Payment Service Provider Data

Product Allocation: Feature Directory

Product Allocation: Allocation used by Customer Order

SD Text Determination: Allowed Text Objects

SD Monitor: Value Table for Protocol Callers

SD Monitor: Value Table for Protocol Callers

Value Table for SD Log Types

Value table for SD protocol types: Texts

SEPA Mandate Management: Customizing SD

Payment Service Provider Payment Transaction Status

SMI Scheduling Agreements

SMI Limit History

SMI Header Data

SMI Item Data

SMI Customizable Messages

SMI Profile

SMI Time Series

Basic Settings for Availability Check

Credit Management: Credit Representatives

Screen Sequence Control: Transaction Default Values

Reporting: Access Types according to Field

Reporting: Totals Variants

Reporting: Totals Variants for each Display Variant

Reporting: Display Variants: Selection Fields per Variant(s)

Reporting: Display Variants: Fields

Reporting: Window Selection

Product Allocation: Controlling

Product Allocation: Planning Structure for this Step

Product Allocation: Text for Planning Hierarchy

Product Allocation: Definition of Product Allocation Object

Product Allocation: Text for Product Allocation Object

Product Allocation: Definition Procedure

Product Allocation: Definition

Product allocations: Consumption period in an info structure

Availability Check: Requirements and Planning Types

Availability Check: Requirement and Planning Types: Texts

Condition Exclusion Groups

Condition Exclusion Groups: Condition Types

Condition Exclusion: Procedure Assignment

Condition exclusion: Texts

Condition Types: Additional Data for Sending Output

Conditions: Types, Additional Data for Free-Goods Discount

WFMC: Valid printing parameters of an application

Download Profile for the Conditions

Reference: Download Profile – Pricing Procedures

Text Table for T689

Credit groups for document types

Credit Groups Document Type Description

Control of Automatic Credit Control

Control of Automatic Credit Control: Description

Document Value Class (Credit Management)

Document Value Class for Credit Management

Document Value Class Description for Credit Management

Forms of payment guarantee

Description of payment guarantee forms

Payment guarantee procedure

Description of payment guarantee procedure

Control for payment guarantee procedure

Customer payment guarantee procedure

Description of customer payment guarantee procedure

Document payment guarantee procedure

Description of document guarantee procedure

Determination of payment guarantee procedure

Help Structure for Pool MSTTALLG

Billing Plan Type

Billing Plan Type: Description

Date Type for Billing Plan Type

Date Type in Billing Plan: Description

VOFM Cusomizing: Group and Number Ranges

VOFM Customizing: Characteristic Errors of a Group

Application Assignments

Form Routines for Requirements/Formulas/Data Transports

FORM Routines for Reqs./Formulae/Data Transports: Texts

Customer Hierarchies: Allowed Organizational Assignments

Customer Hierarchy Types

Texts for Customer Hierarchy Types

Customer Hierarchy: Allowed Account Group Assignments

Rules for updating the index in SD documents

Output Control: Printers by Sales Organization

Output Control: Printers for Sales Org/Dist.Chan/Division

Output Control: Printers by Sales Office

Output Control: Printers by Sales Group

Output Control: Printers by Shipping Point

Output Control: Printer per Storage Location

WFMC: Valid printing parameters

WFMC: Valid printing parameters, text table

Output Control: do not use, will be deleted

Output Determination: Printer per User

Output Control: Output By Partner Function

Processing programs for output

Condition Types: Output Title

Nielsen ID

Description of Nielsen Indicators

Checking Table Directory for Check Modules of SD Partner

Checking Module Assignments in SD Partner Processing

Dependency Graph for Check Modules in SD Partner Processing

Business Partner: Functions in Partner Determination Proced.

Filter Table for Displaying Partner Subscription 1000 (V09C)

Business Partner Functions: Texts

Business partner: Language conversion for partner functions

SD: Exclusion of Item Categories for Printing SD Documents

Requirements Profile

Requirements Profile: Texts

Reset objects to be made productive

Reset objects to be made productive: Texts

Reset Data Before Production Start-up

Time Segment Events

Time Segment Address for Event

Time Segment Header

Time Segment Relationships Between Events

WS Application-specific Additional Data for Date Segment

Customer Taxes

Customer Taxes: Texts

Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions

Organizational Unit: Sales Divisions: Texts

Tax Table Dependent Parameters (Foreign Key)

Directory of text module for documents

Texts: Directory of function modules for documents

Logical Duration of Time Segment

Text for Logical Duration in Time Segment

Time Segment for Event Type

Time Segment Text for Event Type

Time Segment Location Time

Time Segment Text for Location Time

Time Segment: Map to Times

Time Segment Object for Date Header

Time Segment Object for Date Header

Time Segment Project

Time Segment Text for Project

Time Segment Time

Time Segment Text for Time

Time Segment: Default Template for Object

Time Segment Event Template

Time Segment Template Header

Time Segment Text for Template Header

Time Segment Template for Application Relationship

Time Segment for Template Views

Time Segment Texts for Template Views

Time Segment Version Types

Texts for Time Segment Version Types

Working Times in SD/WS

fields that serve as base for maximum tax

fields that serve as base (desriptions)

status transition diagram for tax document during pricing

Text Processing: Text ID Groups

Text processing: Text ID groups: Texts

list of tax laws

list of tax laws (description)

table to determine which tax law is used

SD Text Processing: Access Sequences

Text Processing: Copying Control for Access Sequences

Word processing: Access sequence texts

Archiving Control for Sales Activities in Sales Support

Archiving Control for Delivery

Selection parameters for archiving in sales and distribution

Contact Person: Frequency of Visits

Contact person: Frequency of visits: Texts

SD Documents: Processing Status: Texts

Organizational Unit: Sales Groups per Sales Office

Sales docs: Texts for modules from TVCPA,TVCPF,TVCPL,TTXVR

Subsequent Functions and Requirements

View Control: Exceptions for Move-Corresponding

View Control: Error Messages

Organizational Unit: Sales Groups: Texts

View Control: View Definition

View Control: Special Table Access

Sales Document: Screen Sequence Group

SD documents: Screen sequence group texts

Sales Document: Field Selection Groups

SD Documents: Field Selection Group Texts

Organizational Unit: Sales Offices: Texts

Org.Unit: Sales Office: Assignment to Organizational Unit

Sales Documents: Reasons for Cancellation

Organizational Unit: Sales Groups

Sales Documents: Reasons for Cancellation: Texts

Control Logging of Credit Values

Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations

Organizational Unit: Divisions per Sales Organization

Organizational Unit: Sales Organizations: Texts

Org. Unit: Distribution Channels per Sales Organization

Org.Unit: Allowed Plants per Sales Organization

Validity Period Category

Validity Period Category: Texts

Material Pricing Group 1

Material pricing group 1: Description

Material Pricing Group 2

Material Pricing Group 2: Description

Material Pricing Group 3

Material pricing group 3: Description

Material Pricing Group 4

Material pricing group 4: Description

Material Pricing Group 5

Material pricing group 5: Description

Contact Person: Attribute 10

Contact person attribute 10: Texts

Contact Person: Attribute 2

Contact person attribute 2: Texts

Contact Person: Attribute 3

Contact person attribute 3: Texts

Contact Person: Attribute 4

Contact person attribute 4: Texts

Contact Person: Attribute 5

Contact person attribute 5: Texts

Contact Person: Attribute 6

Contact person attribute 6: Texts

Contact Person: Attribute 7

Contact person attribute 7: Texts

Contact Person: Attribute 8

Contact person attribute 8:Texts

Contact Person: Attribute 9

Contact person attribute 9: Texts

Partner: Partner Types (Entities)

Business Partner: Groups

Business partners: Control in sales documents

Partner Function Groups

SD Documents: Processing Groups

SD document processing groups: Texts

SD: Statistics Groups for Document Types and Item Categories

SD: Statistics Groups for Doc Types/Item Categories: Texts

Organizational Unit: Shipping Points: Texts

Shipping Points per Plant

Organizational Unit: Sales Area(s)

Billing Plan: Date Description

Sales Documents: Order Reasons: Texts

Organizational Unit: Distribution Channels

Organizational Unit: Distribution Channels: Texts

Customer Group 1

Customer group 1: Description

Customer Group 2

Customer group 2: Description

Customer Group 3

Customer group 3: Description

Customer Group 4

Customer group 4: Description

Customer Group 5

Customer group 5: Description

Time Segment Data Container Template

Sales Requirements: Individual Records

Sales Requirement Totals Record

Sales Document Flow

SD index: Open sales activities by partner function

SD index: Sales activities by partner function

Sales Document: Partner

Sales document: Partner (used several times)

Tax Numbers for One-Time Customers

Collective Processing for a Sales Document Header

Collective Processing: Sales Documents

Sales Document: Header Status and Administrative Data

Sales Document: Item Status

Contract Data

Billing Plan

Billing Plan: Dates

Pricing Condition Type to View Mapping

Pricing Elements to View Mapping

Definition of the Pricing UI Profile

Pricing UI Profile Text

Pricing View – Tree Node Configuration

Pricing View – Tree Node Configuration

Pricing View – Tree Node Text

Pricing View – Tree Node Text

Pricing View – Tree Width in Percent

Pricing View – Allowed View Assignment

Pricing View Determination

Pricing View – Field Configuration

Pricing View – Field Configuration

Pricing View Definition

View Type Texts

Pricing View Name

Pricing View Name Override

View Type Values

Log Analysis of x/y Tables

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