Retroactive Billing in SAP SD

Here is a reference guide about Retroactive billing in SAP SD. New pricing agreements that you make with your customers may affect billing documents that have already been processed and settled.

If a new pricing agreement is effective before the pricing date of the billing documents, you can perform retroactive billing to call up a list of these documents and reevaluate them with the new price. You can then create additional billing documents to settle any differences.

Table Fields with Retroactive billing data

Here is a list of possible table fields which are may be used for storing retroactive related data in SAP.

  • O_USEDUNTIL – Scope of Permitted Retroactive Condition Changes
  • ISPXFKRUEK – IS-M: Retroactive Billing of Period Already Billed
  • ANZMONABRE – IS-M: No.Months for Sett./Retroactive Acctg – One-Time Comm.
  • RETRO_PERIOD – Retroactive Period
  • RETRO_AMT – Retroactive Payment Amount
  • XFKRUECK – IS-M: Retroactive Billing of Period Already Billed
  • DIFFBETR – IS-M/SD: Diff. Amount Due to Retroactive Billing/Recalc.
  • PERIODEN – IS-M: No.Months for Sett./Retroactive Acctg – One-Time Comm.
  • RRSTP – PAISY: 1522 Retroactive Accounting Limit (Garnishment)
  • PRDAT – Earliest personal retroactive accounting date
  • HERBR – Retroactive Accounting Ind.
  • RETYP – Retroactive accounting type
  • .INCLUDE – Retroactive Accounting Infotype
  • RERSN – Retroactive Accounting Reason
  • OPRDA – Earliest Retroactive Accounting Limit Before Archiving
  • P1522 – PAISY: 1522 Retroactive Accounting Limit (Garnishment)
  • .INCLUDE – Basic Data for Retroactive Pension Insurance
  • BERECH_ART – Calculation Type Retroactive Pension Insurance
  • BERECH_GRND – Retroactive Pension Insurance Calculation Reason
  • OBJPS_REF – Reference to Retroactive Pension Insurance Record

Function Modules for Retroactive billing in SAP

Here is a list of possible function modules which may be used with retroactive related processes in SAP.

  • BKK_COND_IC_DET_BDC_IN_HY – Determine Hierarchies with Retroactive Account Change
  • CD_PAYROLL_RETRO – Determines the retroactive accounting date for a specified payroll result
  • CD_RETROCALCULATION_DATE – Determines the Retroactive Accounting Date for a Specified Payroll Result
  • CD_RETROCALC_PERIOD – Check if the Original Payroll Run Or Retroactive Accounting
  • CSO_BADI_1ITEM_LISTING_DATE – Encapsulation BAdI for Retroactive Listing
  • EXIT_SAPMJ45A_011 – IS-M/SD: Set Retroactive Accounting Indicator for Billing Document
  • HR99L00_F4_POPUP_RERSN – Pop Up for Retroactive Accounting Reasons
  • HR99L00_GET_ACTUAL_AND_ORIG_RT – Get retroactive results in month
  • HR99L00_GET_RETRO_MONTH_DIFF – Get retroactive result differences by month
  • HR_PRINT_10_DNRCT – Table DNRCT: Differences for nonresident retroactive accounting
  • HR_PRINT_10_DNRCT_HEAD – Table DNRCT: Differences for nonresident retroactive accounting
  • ISM_CYCLE_DIFF_AMOUNT_COLLECT – IS-M/SD: Calculate Difference from Retroactive Accounting per Cycle
  • J_1B_SD_BI_CFOP_DET – CFOP Determination for Retroactive Billing