SAP Foreign Trade Module Tutorials, Transaction Codes and tables

Foreign Trade is a sub component of SAP sales and Distribution module. Shortly known as SD-FT .  It helping the organization to do their trade with foreign countries easily and effectively. SAP FT will check all the licensing requirements as per the regulations for each foreign trade for the company.

It will automatically create, print and post the declarations and making the reporting procedures easy for the organization.This module is tightly integrated with MM, SD and FI module. In this tutorial you will get an details and resources about its components, tables and transaction codes.


Here is the list of sub components coming under the SAP Foreign Trade in SD application component with the package name they belong to.

  1. HLA0006576 → SD-FT → Foreign Trade
  2. HLA0001835 → SD-FT-COM → Communication / Printing
  3. HLA0001832 → SD-FT-CON → Legal Control
  4. HLA0001834 → SD-FT-GOV → Declarations to Authorities
  5. HLA0100739 → SD-FT-IMP → Import Processing
  6. HLA0100738 → SD-FT-LOC → Documentary Payment Guarantee
  7. HLA0001833 → SD-FT-PRE → Preference Handling
  8. HLA0001831 → SD-FT-PRO → Basic Functions

SAP SD-FT (Foreign Trade in SD) TABLES

Here is a list of sample 15 tables coming under SD-FT component. Full list will be available from the mentioned link after this list.

  • T605K → Foreign Trade: Bus. Transaction Type – Procedure Combination
  • AKKP → Documentary Payment Guarantee: Fin.Doc.Master – Header Data
  • T610FL → Import Processing: Third-country Duty Rate Determination
  • T606Z → Legal Control: Partners – Customers for License
  • FTGKLA → Legal Control: Log (Prestep for Archiving)
  • EIPO → Foreign Trade: Export/Import: Item Data
  • T617 → Foreign Trade: Proposal for Foreign Trade Header Data
  • /SAPSLL/TBTGUR3 → GTS: BOM Transfer: BOM Usage – Global
  • T610FS → Import Processing: Customs Exemption Determination
  • T604STW → Foreign Trade: Keywords for commodity codes
  • T605U → Foreign Trade: Convert Export/Import Bus. Trans. Type
  • T606V → Legal Control: Export Control Class Descriptions
  • T606B → Legal Control: Grouping Materials
  • FSLS → Foreign Trade: Legal Control-Sanctioned Party List-Master
  • VEKAA → KOBRA (A+D Record) Export
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  • View list of SD-FT tables in PDF

Important Foreign Trade transaction codes

See some sample transaction codes used with SAP SD-FT sub module. I have added Full list with details in another tutorial (see the link after this list).

  • VX87 → Maintain No. of Market Organization
  • VI33 → Customs Exemption
  • VIR2 → Export Reorg. – Incompleteness
  • VE05 → EXTRASTAT: Create File – Germany
  • /SAPSLL/SAKE_MTH_R3 → Choose Method for Safekeeping
  • VEIAE → EXTRASTAT Archiving
  • VIB7 → Send IDoc Output – Initial Procg
  • VX14N → Maintain financial documents
  • VILG → FT: Country Group Definition
  • VIWE → FT: Op. Cockpit: Goods Receipt
  • VEI5 → Create value limit subcontracting
  • VI14 → Change FT Data in Billing Document
  • VE87 → Change Stat.Value – Subcontracting
  • 0VX0 → Maintain Selection Variants – Japan
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  • View list ofSAP Foreign trade tcodes in PDF

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