Foreign Trade and Customs in sales and distribution module | SAP SD PDF material

Here is a PDF training material about Foreign trade & customs in SAP. As markets become increasingly more global and business structures more complex, the need for accuracy in handling the foreign trade needs of a business is gaining rapidly in importance.SAP’s R/3 Foreign Trade / Customs application (FT) provides the tools you need to compete effectively in today’s fast-paced market. It is designed to help you meet the rapidly changing foreign trade requirements of your business.[Read about Foreign Trade module and its tables & tcodes]

SAP’s R/3 Foreign Trade application enables you to

  • Manage import and export processes, integrating them efficiently into the supply chain
  • Automatically identify licensing requirements for importing and exporting goods based on current regulations
  • Simplify reporting with automatic procedures for creating, printing and submitting declarations
  • Determine which of your products qualify for preference handling
  •  Provide an active interface for sending or retrieving data via internationally available EDI systems and other electronic media
  • Update or change data in all relevant foreign trade documents at any time prior to the final goods issue. Even after you have posted the goods issue, you can still change data in the invoice.