Customer Service Processing | SAP CS Module Tutorial | Tcodes | Tables

SAP CS module is dealing with all the customer service related processes. 

Customer Service (CS) Module draws on functionality from different SAP application components, in particular Plant Maintenance (PM) and Sales and Distribution (SD).

For example, CS involves the planning and processing of external services, such s contracts for the maintenance and repair of equipment that a customer has either bought or rented.

Maintenance planning and servicing is managed in PM. In SD you can create and maintain the relevant service contracts. Contract related charges that are incurred in PM are passed on in the form of requests for billing in SD. Here is a reference material about tables, tcodes & function modules used with SAP CS module. PDF material also available to download on next page.

Some of the important functions managing by customer service module are

  • Service Notifications
  • Warranties
  • Service orders
  • Service Contracts
  • Service quotations
  • Repair orders

SAP CS Module Master Data

  • Material master Data
  • Customer master data
  • Material master data
  • Condition master data
  • Warranty master data

etc …

Here is the possible menu path to access Customer Service menu in SAP.

Logistics – Customer Service –

SAP Customer Service Tcodes

Here is a list of possible transaction codes dealing with Customer Service in SAP.

SAP Customer Service Tables

Here is a list of possible system tables storing Customer Service related data in SAP.

Table Fields with Customer Service data

Here is a list of possible table fields which are may be used for storing Customer Service related data in SAP.

  • /BEV1/CLKUNNRK – Customer’s Customer Number at Customer’s End
  • HKUNNR – Customer number of the higher-level customer hierarchy
  • KTOKD_SPEC – New customer account group for customer
  • PLAND – Customer Flag: Customer Setting
  • KKREF – Customer-to-customer reference
  • KKRF2 – Customer-to-customer reference
  • CUSTNO – LAW 2.0 Customer Number of an SAP Customer
  • CUSTOMER_NUMBER – Customer Number of an SAP Customer
  • CUST_FRMT_KZ – Ind.: XML Doc Cat uses Customer Customer-Defined XML Format
  • USER_FIELD – Customer Parameter (free usage by customer)

Function Modules for Customer Service in SAP

Here is a list of possible function modules which may be used with Customer Service related processes in SAP.

  • /AIN/IF_GET_IDS_BY_DELIVERY – Enrich ASN with IDs (internal RFC) Use the web service
  • /AIN/PRF_CHECK_NAME_SPACE – Check customer namespace
  • /AIN/PUB_LOC_BY_INTIDS – Location retrieval service
  • /AIN/PUB_LOC_SIMPLEBY_EXTID – Location query service by external ID
  • /AIN/PUB_LOC_SIMPLEBY_LOCTYPE – Location query service by location types
  • /AIN/PUB_LOC_SIMPLEBY_PARENT – Location query service by parent location
  • /AIN/PUB_OBS_BY_INTIDS – BO Observation retrieval service
  • /AIN/PUB_OBS_CREATE – BO Observation Create Service
  • /AIN/PUB_OBS_SIMPLEBY_POBJ – BO Observation query service by physical objects
  • /BDL/CHECK_SERV_DEFS – Check consistency of Service Definitions
  • /BDL/COPY_SERV_DEFS – Copy Service Definitions between BDL and /BDL/
  • /BDL/DELETE_SERV_DEFS – Delete Service Definitions
  • /BDL/DEL_SERVICE_DEFINITIONS – Clear all service definition tables
  • /BDL/DO_SESSION_REFRESH_NEW – RFC Service refresh – new procedure
  • /BDL/EVALUATE_BDL_TABLES – Evaluate BDL tables for a chosen service

Customer Service handling Components in SAP

Here is a list of possible components / sub modules which may be dealing with Customer Service related processes in SAP. List contains sub module name, then containing component and description.

  • IS-U-CS – I110004859 – Customer Service
  • CS – ALR0000081 – Customer Service
  • IS-T-CS – I500000034 – Customer Service
  • CS-ES – E4A0000022 – Enterprise Services in Customer Service
  • BC-DWB-CEX-CF – B200002398 – Customer Enhancements: Customer Functions
  • CS-CI – ALR0000112 – Customer Interaction
  • BC-DWB-CEX – HLB0009086 – Customer Enhancements
  • FI-CA-BT-CC – I110004872 – Customer Contact
  • IS-U-CS-BT-CG – I110004863 – Customer Grouping
  • SD-SLS-OA-CCO – HLA0001826 – Customer Contract
  • LO-MD-BP-CM – HLA0001520 – Customer Master
  • MM-PUR-GF-CE – PL00000012 – Customer Enhancements
  • SD-MD-CH – AC00000045 – Customer Hierarchy
  • BC-DB-LCA-COR – B200003522 – Customer Corrections
  • IS-T-CS-CC – I500000141 – Customer Contact