SAP EWM Tutorial, Tcodes & PDF Training Materials

SAP EWM is an alternative of traditional SAP Warehouse Management (SAP WM) solution coming with ECC. Initially SAP EWM was developed as a part of SCM (Supply Chain Management) solution. EWM stands for extended warehouse management. It handle warehouse management processes like goods movement and stock management etc.

Apart from WM, extended ware house management solution provides more efficient, faster and managing complex logistics solutions. It can handle large data in real-time. This tutorial provides information about its history, EWM transaction codes, EWM core processes and PDF training materials for your reference. A comparison table between WM V/s EWM is also added along with this EWM tutorial.

SAP EWM History

Following infographic shows the history of releases and development happened with SAP Extended warehouse management solution.

SAP EWM Version History infographic

SAP EWM Functionalities

Here is the list of SAP EWM functionalities. You will get the difference between WM and EWM from this functionality comparison table.

Manage Stock at Storage Location
Warehouse Bin Management
Placement Strategies
Removal Strategies
Pick Logic
Standard Mobile RF Technology
Storage Unit Management
Handling Unit Management
Yard Management
Enhanced Configurable RF Technologies
Task & Resource Management
Expected Goods Receipt
Value Added Services
Opportunistic Cross Docking
Dynamic Cycle Counting
Unloading/Loading of Transportation Units
Slotting & Re-Arrangements
Labour Management
Task Interleaving
Standard Voice Picking
Standard Material Flow System Integration
Analytics Enablement
Standard Integration with SAP TMS
Standard Dock Appointment
Scheduling Standard Weigh Scale Integration

SAP EWM Core Processes

Following infographic shows the core processes handled by SAP Extended Warehouse management.

SAP EWM Core Processes

SAP EWM Tcodes

Here is a sample list of transaction codes used with Extended Warehouse Management.

  • Warehouse Management Monitor /SCWM/MON
  • Physical Goods Receipt /SCWM/GR
  • Load /SCWM/LOAD
  • Pickup /SCWM/SGI
  • Move Product /SCWM/ADPROD
  • Display Storage Bin /SCWM/LS03
  • See the full list of SAP EWM Tcodes

SAP EWM PDF Tutorials & Training Materials