SAP SCM Module Tutorial – Supply Chain Management

SAP SCM module stands for Supply Chain Management. It is one of the important functional module in SAP Software. As the name says SAP SCM module deals with the entire supply chain related activities like collaboration, planning, coordination & execution.

Important application components of SAP Supply Chain Management module are Advanced Planning and Optimization (APO) , Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), Supplier Network Collaboration (SNC), Forecasting and Replenishment (FRE) etc.

In this SCM tutorial, you will get about SAP SCM components, tables, transaction codes & SCM PDF training materials. Refer the following details and links to get more SAP Supply Chain Management related details.

SAP Supply chain management - scm - tutorials - pdf training guides

SAP SCM Module Sub Components

Here is the list of application components (Sub modules) coming under Supply Chain Management module in SAP. List provides component shortform, its purpose and the package it belongs to.

  1. SCM → Supply Chain Management → Package (/SAPTRX/BYA0000001)
  2. SCM-BAS → SCM Basis → Package (/SCMB/AP91000002)
  3. SCM-BAS-DF → Cross-System and Cross-Partner Document Flow → Package (/SCMB/BYA1000001)
  4. SCM-ECT → Execution → Package (/LIMEB/BYC1000001)
  5. SCM-ECT-LIM → Logistics Inventory Management Engine → Package (/LIMEB/BYC1000002)
  6. SCM-ECT-LIM-AI → Application Interface → Package (/LIMEB/BYC1000003)
  7. SCM-ECT-LIM-R3 → Connection R/3 to LIME → Package (AXA0000031)
  8. SCM-EM → Event Management → Package (/SAPTRX/AI62000001)
  9. SCM-EM-AS → Application System → Package (/SAPTRX/AI62000002)
  10. SCM-EM-AS-CNF → Application System Configuration → Package (/SAPTRX/AI62000003)
  11. SCM-EM-AS-CON → Application Control Processing → Package (/SAPTRX/AI62000004)
  12. SCM-EM-AS-EVG → Event Generation → Package (/SAPTRX/AI62000005)
  13. SCM-FC → Fulfillment Coordination → Package (/SCFC/AP92000001)
  14. SCM-FC-AS → Application System → Package (AXA0000051)

SAP SCM module Transaction Codes

Here is a list of some random transaction codes used in Supply Chain Management module. Full list of tcodes will be available from the component tutorial page (links mentioned at the tutorial section)

  • /SAPTRX/TRACKING_MON : Display Event Handler Status (old)
  • CFS1 : Serialization Channels Display (Prg)
  • CFP4 : Delete PPM Change Pointer
  • /SAPTRX/ASAPLOG : Appl. system log for event handling
  • CFG1 : Display CIF Application Log
  • /SAPTRX/ASC0TF : Define EM Interface Functions
  • CFM7 : Delete Integration Models
  • CFM1 : Create Integration Model
  • CFC91 : Activate/Deactivate bgRFC for CIF
  • /SAPTRX/DISP_LINK : Show the link to SAP System
  • CFC7 : RFC Destination Maintenance
  • /SAPTRX/ASC0TC : Define EM Relevance Conditions
  • CFP3 : CIF: PPM Transfer of Data Changes
  • CFS2 : Display All Today’s TRFCs
  • /SAPTRX/TSC0SO1 : Define Solution / Scenario
  • CMPDS1 : Customize multiple PDS
  • /SAPTRX/TSC0SO2 : Define Solution / Scenario
  • CFM3 : Activate Integration Models (Bkgd)
  • CFDS : Customizing – MRP based DS(APO)
  • /SAPTRX/ASC0AO : Define App. Object and Event Types

SAP SCM Tables

Here is a list of sample tables used to store Supply Chain Management module related data in SAP. Full list of tables with details will be available from the links mentioned at the end of this list.

  • CIF_IMMRPA : Integration Model Reference Table for MRP Areas
  • CIF_USER_PREF : User Settings
  • /SAPTRX/SCCNDMAP : Scenario Condition Mapping Table
  • /SCMB/DF_D_TYPEG : Document Flow: Document Attribute
  • /SAPTRX/SOSCUSR : Scenario User Mapping Table
  • /SAPTRX/ASFCTEV : Parameters for Application Plug-In Functions
  • CIF_IMPRO : IMod Reference Table for Retail Promotion
  • /SAPTRX/AOTYPES : Application object types
  • CRTOFCHTXT : Text Table for Check Table for CIFRTOADTY
  • CIF_IMPO : Integration Model Reference Table for Orders
  • /SAPTRX/SCENART : Scenario of a solution which is owner of EM processes
  • /SCMB/DF_DOC : Document Flow: Document Identification
  • CIFPOMAP : Mapping Table NR/POS/ET <-> APO GUID (Purch. Ord. Docs)
  • CPV_MPV : Used production version for Multiple PV
  • CIFAPLSET : Application-Specific Settings, Target System-Dependent
  • CIF_IMSTG : IMod Reference Table for Setup Groups
  • /SAPTRX/TRXSERV : Event Manager configuration table
  • /SAPTRX/SCFUNMAP : Scenario Functions Mapping Table
  • CIF_IMFFF : IM Reference Table for FFF Classes
  • /SAPTRX/ASTOTYPT : Text for trackable object types
  • SAP SCM Basis Tables Full list
  • SAP Event Management in SCM Tables Full list

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