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SAPSCRIPTS are used to generate formatted documents which can contain logos, tables and other formatting objects. And this documents can look like a pre printed documents that normal ABAP codes cannot possible. SAPscript comprises these five components:

  1. an editor for entering and editing the lines of a text.
  2. styles and forms for print layout.
  3. the composer as central output module.
  4. programming interface
  5. several database tables for storing texts, styles and forms.

Here you will get some SAPSCRIPTS tutorials and SAPSCRIPT Tcodes and Tables.

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SAP Sapscript Tcodes

Here is a list of possible transaction codes dealing with sapscript in SAP.

SAP Sapscript Tables

Here is a list of possible system tables storing sapscript related data in SAP.

Table Fields with Sapscript data

Here is a list of possible table fields which are may be used for storing sapscript related data in SAP.

  • CLUSTD – SAPscript: LONG RAW field for table STXL
  • TDTEXTTYPE – SAPscript: Format of Text
  • TDCOMPRESS – SAPscript: Text is compressed
  • TDOCLASS – SAPscript: Object Class
  • MSRDESCFLG – Indicator for SAPscript Text
  • FADESCFLG – Flag for Description of Aid Given (SAPscript Text)
  • FADESCFFLG – Flag for Desc. of Follow-Up Treatment Given (SAPscript Text)
  • INVRESULTFLG – Indicator for SAPscript Text
  • ACDESCFLG – Indicator for SAPscript Text
  • DOKFORMAT – Documentation format from SAPscript
  • TDFORM_NAME – DMEE: name of node in SAPscript form
  • PARM_STRUCTURE – DSVAS: Structure for transferring parameter to SAPScript
  • KZLTXT – Indicator for SAPscript Text
  • SAPSCRIPT – EPSS indicator for SAPScript display
  • FLGWRLTXT – Phrase text is stored as SAPscript text
  • HETAB – Communication structure SAPScript
  • TEXTLINE – SAPscript Text Row for Glossary
  • XSCRIPTE – SAPscript text for external comment
  • XSCRIPT – SAPscript comment recorded
  • XSCRI – SAPscript text for internal comment

Function Modules for Sapscript in SAP

Here is a list of possible function modules which may be used with sapscript related processes in SAP.

  • /BODS/READ_TEXT – DataServices: SAPScript: Read Text
  • /SDF/GEN_FUNCS_CALL_DOCU – Call SAPSCRIPT Documentation to the CCMS MT
  • AFM_CHECK – Maintain SAPscript fonts: Syntax check of an AFM description
  • AFM_DELETE – Maintain SAPscript fonts: Delete an AFM file
  • AFM_EDIT – Maintain SAPscript fonts: Edit an AFM file
  • AFM_EXIST – Maintain SAPscript fonts: Check whether an AFM file exists
  • AFM_GENERATE – Maintain SAPscript fonts: Generate an AFM description
  • AFM_READ – Maintain SAPscript fonts: Load an AFM file
  • AFM_SAVE – Maintain SAPscript fonts: Save an AFM file
  • APAR_GET_PMNT_DESCR – Read payment description for SAPScript
  • BAPI_GET_PAYSLIP – Generate Remuneration Statement for Employee in SAPscript Format
  • BKK_00010510_BANKST_SAPSCRIPT – BCA Bank Statement: Transfer Data (SAPscript)
  • BKK_GET_RTRN_PMNT_NOTE_SYMBOLS – Payment Notes for Returns, Text Symbols for SAPScript
  • CHECK_DOCU_GET_LINKS – Extraction of Links From SAPSCRIPT Text
  • CHECK_FORM – SAPscript: Check Form
  • CHECK_FORM_ITF_SYNTAX – SAPscript: Check all window text of a form
  • CHECK_TEXT_AUTHORITY – SAPscript: Check authorization for standard texts
  • CHECK_TEXT_ID – SAPscript: Check text ID
  • CHECK_TEXT_LANGUAGE – SAPscript: Check text language
  • CHECK_TEXT_NAME – SAPscript: Check text names
  1. SapScripts Commands – Control commands
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