Usage Decision in SAP QM Module

This SAP Usage Decision tutorial contains the reference data about its menu path, tcodes, tables, table fields, function modules and SAP QM components.

Here is the possible menu path to access Usage Decision menu in SAP.

Logistics – Plant Maintenance – Maintenance Processing – Order – Inspection Processing – Usage Decision –

Logistics – Customer Service – Service Processing – Order – Inspection Processing – Usage Decision –

Logistics – Quality Management – Test Equipment Management – Calibration Inspection – Usage Decision –

Logistics – Quality Management – Quality Inspection – Inspection Lot – Usage Decision –

SAP usage Decision tables & tcodes

SAP Usage Decision Tcodes

Here is a list of possible transaction codes dealing with Usage Decision in SAP.

SAP Usage Decision Tables

Here is a list of possible system tables storing Usage Decision related data in SAP.

Table Fields with Usage Decision data

Here is a list of possible table fields which are may be used for storing Usage Decision related data in SAP.

  • DECI_TASK – Standard decision task for user decision
  • QPLOA – Inspection Lot on Which the Usage Decision is Based
  • ETT_USAGE – Usage for Decision Basis Entity Types
  • DESCRIPTION – Description of Usage for Decision Basis Entity Type
  • POPUP – Decision About Usage of PUT for Event Group
  • WF_USAGE_ID – Workflow usage for the BRFplus decision table
  • RETYP – IS-H: Usage of the Decision Rule
  • QVEWERKS – Plant of Selected Set for Automatic Usage Decision
  • QVEMENGE – Selected Set for Usage Decision
  • QVEVERSION – Code Version Used for an Automatic Usage Decision
  • QVEDATUM – Date of Code Used for Usage Decision
  • QVEGRUPPE – Code Group for Automatic Usage Decision
  • QVECODE – Code for Automatic Usage Decision
  • STAT08 – Automatic Usage Decision Planned
  • STAT25 – Digital Signature for Insp. Lot when Usage Decision Made
  • STAT35 – Usage Decision Has Been Made
  • LTEXTKZBB – Logs Exist for Usage Decision
  • STAT03 – Usage Decision Mmode (UD Origin)
  • SIGN_TYPE_UD – Signature Type: Inspection Lot Usage Decision
  • SIGNSTRAT_UD – Signature Strategy with Individual Signature: Usage Decision

Function Modules for Usage Decision in SAP

Here is a list of possible function modules which may be used with Usage Decision related processes in SAP.

  • /GBHCM/TCAR_PROC_MASS_ENTRIES – Time Sheet Approval: Process Decision of a Single Entry
  • /GBHCM/TCAR_PROC_SINGLE_ENTRY – Time Sheet Approval: Process Decision of Multiple Entries
  • /ISDFPS/151PM_T411T_GETLIST – ME PM: Task List Usage
  • /IWWRK/WF_TGW_TASK_DEC_OP_ACT – RFC for decision options of task
  • /PLMI/ECN_USAGE_GET – Get Usage Flag
  • /PLMI/SPC_USAGE_STR_TO_FILTER – Decoding of Usage String to Table Based Usage
  • /PTGWFI/COA_W_ROLE006 – Standard Role FM using usage id and multiple objects
  • /RPM/DECISION_POINT_DISPLAY – Display Decision Point
  • /RPM/DECISION_POINT_GETLIST – Decision Point Get List
  • /RPM/DECISION_POINT_MODIFY – xRPM 4.0 Decision Point API Modify
  • /RPM/FINALIZE_DECISION_POINT – Finalize a transaction on decision objects
  • /RPM/VC_DECPOINT_GETLIST – Get the list of decision points per item types
  • /SAPCEM/END_OF_USAGE_CHANGE – Shipping Document Item: Change End of Usage Period
  • /SAPCEM/END_OF_USAGE_UPDATE – Shipping Document Item: Update End of Usage Period
  • /SAPHT/DRM_RU_DETERMINE_H1 – DRM Rule Usage for Samples Transactions
  • /SAPHT/DRM_RU_DETERMINE_H3 – DRM Rule Usage for Samples Transactions
  • /SAPPSSRM/FU_WF_RFC_DECISION – Propagate Approval Decision (UWL, DUET, etc.)
  • /SAPPSSRM/GM_CP_META_BAPI_CHK – Meta BAPI FM For CP check Interface usage
  • /SAPPSSRM/GM_CP_META_BAPI_UPD – Meta BAPI FM For CP update Interface usage
  • /SAPSRM/FU_WF_RFC_DECISION – Propagate Approval Decision (UWL, DUET, etc.)

Usage Decision handling Components in SAP

Here is a list of possible components / sub modules which may be dealing with Usage Decision related processes in SAP. List contains sub module name, then containing component and description.

  • CA-DEC – BRT0000001 – Decision Service Management
  • PPM-CF-DFM – PTD0000002 – Decision Flow Management
  • BC-CCP-PB – B200004317 – CCP Builder (for internal usage only)
  • BC-CCP-MSH – B200004321 – CCP Mashups (for internal usage only)
  • SV-SMG-UMP – BYI3000327 – Product Usage Measurement
  • TR-CM-CM – HLA0001370 – Bill of Exchange Usage
  • FI-BL-BM-BE-BU – HLA0100024 – Bill of Exchange Usage
  • CO-PC-ACT-DUV – PLN0000031 – Distribution of Usage Variances
  • EP-PIN-SPT-IVS – B200003827 – iView Hit Rate: Statistical Tools for Object Usage