SAP Quality Planning (QM-PT) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 113 SAP standard tables used with SAP Quality Planning component (SAP QM-PT) coming under SAP QM (Quality Management) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP QM-PT tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Inspection plan characteristics

MAPL-Dependent Charac. Specifications (Inspection Plan)

Specification Determination Rule

Text Table for Specification Determination Rule

Quality control chart

Control chart track

Valuation mode

Valuation Mode: Texts

Dynamic modification rule (header)

Dynamic modification rule: texts

Allowed inspection severities

Allowed Inspection Severities: Texts

Function modules for the individual procedure categories

Function Modules for Procedure: Texts

Function modules for valuation mode

Function Modules for Valuation Mode: Texts

Inspection stages for a dynamic modification rule

Inspection Stages: Texts

Sampling type

Sampling Type: Texts

Sampling procedure

Sampling Procedure: Texts

QM-info record for material and vendor

Inspection type – material parameters

QM Link Between Inspection Lot and Handling Unit Item

Mapping Table for Selected Set from External Source

Mapping Table for Code Groups and Codes from External Source

Mapping Table Between Inspection Plan and EHS Specification

Status of Synchr. Between Inspection Plan and Specification

QM: material specification

Inspection method master record

Inspection Method Texts

Inspection catalog codes for selected sets

Inspection catalog selected sets

Inspection catalog codes

Customizing Table for the Objects

Object Categories

Object Categories – Text Table

Customizing Table for Object Type

Text Table for Object Type

Customizing Table for Control-Plan Type

Text Table for Control-Plan Type

Customizing Table for Process Categories

Text Table for Process Categories

Customizing Table for Process Type

Text Table for Process Type

Customizing Table for Selection Fields

Customizing Table for Selection Area

Customizing Table for Structure Type

Text Table for Structure Type

Control Plan – Header

Item of Control Plan

Control Plan – Links to FMEA,..

Short Text for Elements in Control Plan

Code texts

Inspection catalog code groups

Code group texts

Inspection characteristic master

Master Inspection Characteristics Texts

Assignment table – insp. methods/master insp. characteristic

Control chart types

Texts for control chart types

SPC criterion

Texts for SPC criteria

Control chart track

Texts for control chart tracks

QM Info Record – QM Control in SD

Authorization groups for QM master data

Text authorization groups for QM master data

QM system definition

QM system assignment and QM system requirements

QM system

QM system description

Description QM system

QSS: Control for Screen Texts/TABLE NOT USED (Rel. 4.6)

Functions that can be blocked

QM block functions : texts

QM certificate categories for procurement

QM: text table for certificate types

Follow-Up Action for Usage Decision of Inspection Lot

QM: Function Modules for Follow-Up Action

Language-dependent texts for Table TQ07

Control of QM in procurement

QM: text for QM procurement keys

QM: agreement of QM document types

QM: agreement of QM document types

Inspection catalog type index

Language-dependent texts for table TQ15

Defect classes

Language-dependent texts for table TQ17

Assignment of screens to screen groups

QM:screen sequence for master and inspection characteristics

Dependency tolerance key – nominal measurement

Inspection type to status assignment from status profile

Find insp.type for quality insp. for delivery note

QM : Activates reference for dyn. modification level

Input Processing in Results Recording QM

Input Processing in Results Recording QM

Type of share calculation

Texts for type of share calculation

QM formula parameters

Field names for QM formulas

Short text for Table TQ75F

Description of formula parameters

Filter for Input Processing

Filter for Input Processing

Inspection-Characteristic Origin

Inspection-Characteristic Origin

Control Methods

Control Methods

Response Plans

Response Plans

QM: Archiving Parameter

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