SAP Quality Inspection (QM-IM) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 98 SAP standard tables used with SAP Quality Inspection component (SAP QM-IM) coming under SAP QM (Quality Management) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP QM-IM tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Sample unit table

Results table for value classes

Inspection lot record

Partial lot

QM: Link Between Inspection Lot and Material Document

Characteristic results during inspection processing

Characteristic specifications for inspection processing

Insp. Specifications/Valuation for Multiple Specifications

Multiple Specifications – Objects

Relation between Keyfields of PP and QM

Inspection point

Results table for the sample unit

Sample results for inspection characteristics

Confirmation Data for Multiple Specification Sample

Sample specifications for inspection processing

Inspection processing: Usage decision

QM Handheld: Worklist for Transfer

Evaluation methods QM STI interface

Texts for evaluation methods: QM STI interface

Evaluation steps

Texts for evaluation steps

Subsytems for recording measured value data in QM

Text table subsystems for recording measured val. data in QM

Transfer table for QM subsystems

Digital Signature for Inspection Lots

Assign Properties

Sample drawing of phys. samples

Master record for phys. samples

Sample-drawing procedure

Header for sample drawing procedure texts

Sample-drawing items

Items for sample drawing procedure texts

Digital Signature for Samples

Movement Type: Material-Independent Control

Procedure for Calculating the Quality Score

Language-specific texts for Table TQ06

QM: Inventory postings with usage decision

Ind. external numbering for test units in results recording

Texts for the ind. for ext. numbering of units to be insp.

Inspection types

Texts for inspection types

Inspection Lot Origins

Descriptions of Inspection Lot Origins

Assignment of inspection type to origin

Lot creation allowed values for the origin

Texts for lot creation indicator

Relevant fields for origin

Default values for inspection type

Definition of sample types

Text table for sample type

Storage locations for physical samples

Texts for storage locations

Physical sample containers

Texts for phys. sample containers

Storage Conditions

Description of Storage Conditions

Phys. sample types

Descriptions of Physical-Sample Categories

Primary Packaging (Stability Study)

Descriptions of Primary Packaging (Stability Study)

Screen Control Key for Physical-Sample Type

Descriptions of Screen Control Keys for Phys.-Sample Type

Control table for results recording

Function codes for navigation from the char.overview screen

Screen-based processing tables

Navigation during results recording

Characteristic overview screen for results recording

Origin of results data

Texts for origin of results data

Recording configuration

Recording configuration

Processing status of inspection characteristics

Texts for the processing status of insp. characteristics

Attributes for the Inspection Characteristic

Text Tables for Attributes

Status-dependent processing table for insp. characteristics

Texts for the status-specific proc. table for insp. char.

Table with inspection point/user field combinations

Key words for inspeciton point user fields

Confirmation profile

Text table for confirmation profile

Report category for defects recording

Assignment report category for work center

Text table for report category

QM Handheld: Applications

QM Handheld: Application Texts

Process of Charac. Mapping When Copying Inspection Results

Text Table – Process of Charac. Mapping When Copying Results

Data Selection Procedure for Copy Insp. Results Function

Text Table for Process of Data Selection for Copy of Results

Settings for Copy Inspection Results Function/Operation UD

QM control of HU postings (from QM view)

QM assignment of packing object for inspection lot origin

Types for Multiple Specification Objects

Texts for Types of Multiple Specification Objects

Objects for Multiple Specifications

Texts for Objects of Multiple Specifications

QM: Archiving Parameter(s) for Physical Samples

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