SAP Grants Management in PSM (PSM-GM) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 145 transaction codes used with SAP PSM-GM component (SAP Grants Management in PSM) coming under SAP PSM Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP PSM-GM tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Arch: Actual/Commitment Documents

Archiving Budget Documents

Archiving Grant

Archiving Sponsor

Check AVC Customizing (GM)

GM Derivation of Activity Groups

Derivation of Activity Groups

GM Derivation control object (ACO)

GM Derivation control object (ACO)

GM Derivation of check horizon

GM Derivation of check horizon

GM Derivation of tolerance profile

GM Derivation of tolerance profile

GM AVC display discrepancies

Copy AVC ledger (GM)

Overview of GM AVC Values

Re-Initialize AVC Ledger

GM Budget Overview

GM Budget Overview Direct

GM change document number ranges

GM Sponsored Class Master Data

Class Authorization Groups

GM Assignment – Customizing

GM Assignment – Maintenance

GM entry document number ranges

Post Grants Manangement GAAP Accrual

Grant Master – Single Screen

Grants Master – Display Only

Approve Grant

Grant Authorization Groups

Calculate GM Indirect Cost

GM Special Ledger BW Extractors

Increase Budget from Revenues

Set Not Relevant Grant

Program Authorization Groups

GM Sponsored Program Master Data

GM: Assign Proposal for RIB Master D

GM: Derive RIB Object From Posting

Generate Master Data for GM RIB

Reconstruct Index for GM RIB

Edit Single Rule for RIB Object

Maintain Grant Relationships

Define GM Report Class

Define GM Report Rule

GM BDT Applications

GM BDT field group per activity

GM BDT field group per role category

GM BDT Authorization Types

GM BDT Field Groups Authorization

GM BDT Visual Screen Tool

GM BDT Field Groups Ext. Application

GM BDT Note View for Role Categories

GM BDT Where-Used Views

GM BDT Field Grouping ApplicationObj

GM BDT Assign Scrn Flds to DB Fields

GM BDT Field group criteria

GM BDT Role Categories

GM BDT Role Groupings

GM BDT Application Transactions

GM BDT Tables

GM BDT External Applications

GM BDT Activities

GM BDT Function Module Activity

GM BDT Field Groups

GM BDT Differentiation Types

GM BDT Change document lists

GM BDT Activity Category

GM BDT Where-Used List:

GM BDT Data sets

GM BDT Where used list define view

GM BDT Where-used process to view

GM BDT BAPI Fields to Field Groups

GM BDT Views

GM BDT Sections

GM BDT Screens

GM BDT Screen Sequence

GM BDT Events

GM BDT GUI Std Functions

GM BDT GUI Addl Functions

Define GM Schedule Rule

GM Text ID maintenance

Translation: Initial Screen

Where-Used GM Assignments

Maintain award types

Copy GM Document between Versions

Delete GM Budget Documents

Number range maintenance: GRANT_BDGT

Plan/Budget Reason Codes

GM Budgeting Release Process

Budget Transfer to Funds Management

Plan/Budget Versions

Configure Billing Rules

Block Billing Status

Account Group Assignment

Sponsor/Customer Details

Maintain Company Code Settings

GM: Define CFDA codes

Maintain chart of account settings

Create GM Budget Entry Document

Configure Cost Sharing Rules

Display GM Budget Entry Document

Overall Budget vs. Commitment/Actual

Maintain chart of account settings

Maintain chart of account settings

Maintain grant types

Configure IDC Rules

Configure Legislative Codes

GM: Define Letters of Credit

Maintain Number Ranges for Grants

Billing Plan

Modify GM Budget Entry Document

GM Object Mapper

Maintain payment rules

GM:Reconciliation of CO Documents

GM:Reconciliation of Earmarked Funds

Delete GM Actual Line Items

Transfer FI Documents to GM Ledger

Transfer MM Documents to GM Ledger

GM:Reconciliation of FI Parked Doc.

GM:Reconciliation of Purchase Orders

GM:Reconciliation of Purchase Req.

Maintain grant responsibilities

Revaluation of currency in GM

Default FM account assignments

Business Partner integration to RM

GM Billing (Single Processing)

GM Billing (Mass Processing)

Configure Splitting Rules

Maintain Update Settings

Maintain Value Types

Definition of GM Workflow for Budget

Definition of GM WF for Grant Master

GTR Object Assignment – Customizing

GTR Object Assignment – Maintenance


Post indirect costs (defined by spon

Annual Budget Vs. Commit./Actual Lin

Master Data Index for Grant

Master data index for Sponsored Prog

Master data index for Sponsored Clas

Master Data Index for Grant Sponsors

Grant Billing Reconciliation Report



Grants Management: Line Item Display

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