SAP Functions for U.S. Federal Government in PSM (PSM-FG) Transaction codes Full list

Here is a list of important 93 transaction codes used with SAP PSM-FG component (SAP Functions for U.S. Federal Government in PSM) coming under SAP PSM Module. You will get more technical details of each of these SAP PSM-FG tcodes by clicking on the respective tcode name link.

Auto. Budget Postings – Customizing

Auto. Budget Postings – Customizing

ABP for Budgt Recovery – Customizing

ABP for PCS – Customizing

ABP for Budgt Recovery – Customizing

ABP for PCS – Customizing

Year End Acc. Ass. derivation

US BL federal government derivation

Budget Type attributes

CCR List

Update CCR data using data file

Upload Initial CCR Data File

Create Vendor Master from CCR Data

Update Vendor Master from CCR Data

Federal Extension Derivation Data

Federal Extension Derivation Access

Display US Federal derivation trace

Congressional Limitations (St. Fund)

Collected fields year end

A/R Cancel Fund Automatic Posting

Document types for adjustments

Exclude Invoice from PPA Calculation

Statement of Budgetary Resources

Balance Sheet

Statement of Custodial Activities

Statement of Financing

Statement of Net Cost

Statement of Changes in Net Position

Reclassified Balance Sheet

Reclassified Statement of Net Cost

Tool Program for Reporting Layout(s)

Reclassified Stmt of Net Position

US Federal SF1081 – Voucher process

SF-224 Statement of Transactions

SF-224: Maintain ALC GWA Master Data

SF-224: Display ALC GWA Master Data

SF-224 – Customizing

SF-224 – Customizing

Treasury Subclasses

Trial Balance Tie-Points

5-Column Status of Funds in BCS

5-Column Status of Funds in FI-SL

FM USFG Line Item Browser

List for Parked and Held Documents

Reason code maintenance

Cancel Invoice and Subsequent Docs

US Federal IPAC Interface Process

US Federal IPAC Interface Process

US Fed IPACed Derivation Tool

US Fed IPACed Cust/Vend Flag

IPACed Bulk File Confrm. Reverse Pro

IPAC Confirmation Process

Regenerate previous produced bulk fi

IPAC Bulk File Reverse Process

Number range maintenance: IPAC_DOCR

PO Pending Changes Report

Purchase Order History

Post the held PO’s

Post the held PR’s

Report on Receivables From Public

Improper Reason Code Report

Reporting Attributes – Customizing

Close Out Unfilled Orders

SF1081/80 Confirmation/Cash Check

SF1081/80 Reprint Output

SF1081/80 Reversal Confrmed Doc

SF1081/80 Reverse Unconfirmed Doc

SPS Summary File Creation

Year End close open balance

Year end closing rules

FM Payment lines correction program

Reason codes for penalties (report)

Recurring Obligations Overdue Check

Post Recurring Obligations

SGL Account classification

Statistical report for PPA

Activate/Deactivate PPA

Budgetary Ledger BW Extractors

Maxium amount limit

Fast Pay material group

(Penalty) Interest rate entries

Invoice verification rules for PPA

Reporting Layout

Maintain minimum & maximum penalties

Recurring Obligation document types

Maintain negative grace days

Maintain payment term for mat. group

Maintain all PPA payment terms

Maintain reason codes & their texts

Aging Report by Fund


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