SAP Structures in PS (PS-ST) Tables Full list

Here is a list of important 124 SAP standard tables used with SAP Structures in PS component (SAP PS-ST) coming under SAP PS (Project Systems) Module. You will get more technical details of these SAP PS-ST tables by clicking on the respective table name link.

Network – Relationships

Applications for Activating Language-Dependent Short Texts

Application Names

Objects for Activating Language-Dependent Short Texts

Appl.and Obj. with Activated Language-Dependent Short Texts

Object Type Names

Table of Language-Dependent Short Texts

Preview for Project Builder

“New Logic” Used for PS Texts

Transfer of the Order in the COSP Table to the Project

Transfer of the Order COSS Table to the Project

Copy FMSU table order to project


Milestone Description

Standard milestone set

Number history of network reorganization

Number history – Project definition

Number history for reorganization of WBS elements

GUIDs for Network Header

PS Texts (Network)

GUIDs for Network Activity

GUIDs for Project Definition


PS Texts (Library Network)

GUIDs for WBS Element

Work Breakdown Structure, Edges (Hierarchy Pointer)

Standard WBS, Edges (Hierarchy pointers)

Project definition

Standard project definition

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) Element Master Data

Standard WBS Element (WBS element) – Master Data


PS Texts (WBS)

PS texts (standard WBS)

PS Project and Network ACL Flags

Table for PS ACL Integration

Stores External Ids(Project,WBS) with masks

GUIDs for Project Definition

Table for tracking whether acty dates are determined by pmcs

Data Selection Profile

Test table for displaying different languages

To store the user specific datasets chosen

Project Worklist – User Specific Filter Table

Network ACL Worklist

Project Definition ACL Worklist

WBS Elements ACL Worklist

Clustered Table for Shared Memory

Configuration of Commercial Project Inception

System table INDX

Assignment of group indicator data

Purchase requisitaion grouping indicators in PS

Grouping Indicators and purchase requisition numbers

Default SKF for the the Project Parameters

activate deactivate SKF tab in the Project Builder

Save the SKF rates for the calculation of the work duration.

Stores Long text key of PS objects(Project,WBS,Netwrk,Actvt)

PS texts (description)

PS Texts (Header)

SAPscript: Texts in non-SAPscript format

PTXD PS Text File Header

Assignment Table of Replication cProject PS

Profiles for the Replication cProject PS

Language-Dependent Texts for Project Scenario

Milestone group description

Standard milestone group

Standard milestone

Standard milestone description

Milestone Indicator

Milestone texts

Distribution Function Texts

Assignment table-orders to activities

Screen sequence control: paths between processing locations

Default values for standard networks and profiles

Sub-object Versions

Lang-dep. text table for profile table TCA41

Gantt chart settings

Text for settings in Gantt chart

Project Management Control Parameters

Person in Responsible for Project

Project applicant

“Project Types”

“Project Types”

Default Values for Work Breakdown Structure

Supplies Texts for Project Profiles

Table for Project Number Editing

Texts for Project Number Editing

Key Word ID for PS User Fields

Key Word Text for PS User Fields

PS Text Types

PS Text Types

Distinguishing Item Groups for Network Screen Sequence

Activity status that can trigger a workflow process


Network Defaults

Language-dependent Texts for TCN41: Network Profiles

Version profile for PS versions

Language-dependent texts for TCN51: Version profiles

Parameter: Create network from sales order

Text table for priorities (TCN07)

Assignment of Users to Roles for Monitoring Dates

Roles in Monitoring Dates

Date type

Reference Dates for Date Types of an Event

Language dependent description of date types

Group for monitoring dates

Assignment of date type/milestone to group

Status of Event in Monitoring Dates

Language Dependent Description of Status

Assignment Components to Groups

Dates for Components, Events and Date Type

Status of a Date Type for a Component

Profile for Monitoring Dates

Language Dependent Description of the Profile

Suggestions for Scheduling Events

Scenarios for Scheduling in Monitoring Dates

Language Dependent Description of the Scheduling Profile

Permissible subscrrens per object

FORM subscreen for functions in milestone/trigger point

Settings for hierarchy graphic (schedule maint.)

Texts for settings in hierarchy graphic (schedule maint.)

Assignment of Table Fields to Field Selection

PS Text Format

PS Text Format

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